Giveaway – Enter to Win $136 in Cash for Thanksgiving 11/1 – 11/4

When I think about Thanksgiving what comes to mind is family and friends gathering together around a table full of delicious foods. For my family it’s a time when we reflect on what we are thankful for and how much we have been blessed.

Unfortunately, with all of the changes in our economy I know that some of you may not be looking forward to Thanksgiving with joy and a sense of peace.

This is why myself and several of my sweet blogging friends have joined together to help put a little hope back into someones Thanksgiving. We have teamed up to award (1) lucky reader $136 in cash for their Thanksgiving meal.

For us, Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what we have and even those things we don’t have. It’s about giving what we can and giving even when we may think we have nothing to give.

While I would have loved to have raised more money to give away, I’m thankful for the prize pot we have and know that it will bless a few lucky readers.

Here’s how to enter for a chance to win:


  1. santia g. says

    i am thankful too have my life and not depressed. Ive been dealing with a lot the last few months but im holding strong and hoping everything will get better


  2. Vicki Lynch says

    I am very thankful to have such good friends thru Facebook cause without them I would be a lost cause. I have found that they help me pretty much thru every situation that comes up. So I am very grateful for having such wonderful friends and family!!!


  3. Melissa says

    I am thankful that even though economic times are rough that we are healthy, and that we have each other. I am also grateful that even though spouses might be deployed, we have built on to our family with extended family that are going through the same things


  4. Christine Swaney says

    Despite the economy,I am thankful for my family.Our business took a hard hit when my Brother (36) our driver had a heart attack.The Doctors say its a miracle he is even alive.Thank God for his mercy!Also My Father has lost both of his legs in the past six months, but when the Doctors gave no hope He still survived!!!I am so greatful/Thankful for each day I am blessed to have with both of them ,that our financial worries dont even bother me.I know God will take care of us.He always has!!!


  5. Amy says

    I am thankful that even when the going gets tough, God always helps us find away through. We may not have everything we want but we always have enough.

    (ps- I forgot to put my twitter name on a few of the entry’s its Rubia1236 😮 )


  6. Denise Holben Collier says

    I am thankful that my husband is working after a year and a half of seeking employment. I am still looking since I lost my job in August, but I am staying positive and to God be the glory!


  7. Becky says

    I’m thankful for having a wonderful fiance and family. I’m thankful to have great blogs that allow me to learn new and creative ways to save and earn freebies to make our lives better with a little work behind the scenes. You don’t have to go without just because you don’t have a huge surplus of cash.


  8. Irish says

    I’m thankful because, though I am now in a middle of worries, there are still people who keep on reminding me that I have a God, who is my provider, and protector. I’m thankful because I am not discouraged, and that I can still smile despite all these 🙂


  9. scottsgal says

    I’m thankful for both my husband and myself to have good jobs that we’ve kept during the downturn. My kids keep me positive too
    msboatgal at


  10. LaToni Burgett says

    Perspective has helped me to remain thankful. Things are rough right now but there were times when I was younger that they were even worse. When I get ready to complain about the price of this or that, I stop and thank God that I have at least some money and remember there is always someone who’d love to be in my place.


  11. LaToni Burgett says

    This is an excellent giveaway and $136 can go a long way to making Thanksgiving possible. Being a single mom is not easy and lately it just seems to have become even more difficult. I want to thank you and your “sweet blogging friends” for doing this and I pray that whomever wins this is truly blessed by it.


  12. Victoria Dunaway says

    I have a great boyfriend and family that has helped out tremendously through this economic disaster. I also, have changed my way of living as I am no longer continuing my education and have taken on three part time jobs, started couponing again, and am online 5 of 7 days a week searching for giveaways and doing surveys and whatever else it may take to win a little bit of cash or gifts for the kids for holidays.


  13. says

    I am thankful I have a job that I (mostly) enjoy, that I have two beautiful daughters, and a roof over my head. I know that despite our problems, we are better off than so many people. And if we keep in our heads the fact that we have enough, we won’t be missing the “other stuff” that seems so important but really isn’t. (Although I admit I would really, really love a new laptop.)


  14. Shannon Kniffen says

    Despite the economy, I have been able to be thankful everyday when I wake up each day to be able to see my beautiful children. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 2 years ago, had a complete hysterectomy and am alive and well because of it! No matter how hard things are financially for us, which they truly are, nothing could make me more thankful!



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