What I Wore To Relevant 11′

I’m not even gonna’ play around and fake like the minimalist wardrobe would work for me. I love variety and fashion a bit too much to play the 5 outfit mix and match game.

Now if we can up that number to say 20 outfits, then I’m game. Sweatpants

There are several things that I’ve learned about myself when it comes to clothes.

1. Clothes make me feel good when they are good quality and fit well.

2. I just love the reaction that I get from my husband and kids when they see me wearing something nice.

3. I like finding nice clothes for FREE or very cheap.

4. I love fashion and fashion tends to change (often).

5. Having something new to wear makes me excited and is virtually the only things I treat myself too.

6. I like the mix and match aspect of the minimalist wardrobe, just not the minimal part. :/

While I like nice clothes I do try to buy things on a budget and get them FREE whenever I can can. Here’s my style and what I paid for these looks.

(This is me wearing outfit #1 below at the Relevant Conference)


These are also the outfits I wore to the Relevant Conference a few weeks ago.

Outfit #1

Nine West Bag = FREE from my best friend

Sunglasses = FREE from SaveMore deal

Old Navy Scarf = FREE Christmas gift

Earrings = FREE Christmas Gift

Forever21 Tank Top = $2.50

Forever21 Top = $12.50

Mossimo Jeans (Target) = $2.49 after clearance price and $5 off coupon

Total Cost: $17.49


Outfit #2

AVON Messenger Bag = Had from years ago. (about $15??)

Sunglasses = FREE from SaveMore deal

Jewelery = FREE Christmas Gift

Forever21 Tank Top = $2.50

Forever21 Hat = $6

South Pole Jeans = $10

Total Cost: $33


Outfit #3

Sunglasses = FREE from SaveMore deal

Teal Clutch = Gift from my best friend

Sunglasses = FREE from SaveMore deal

Jewelery = FREE Christmas Gift

Forever21 Top = $12.50

Forever21 Denim Skinny Jean = $10

Belt = From another sweater purchased for $3.50 (clearance)

Total Cost: $26

(Having a blast at Relevant!!)

Which outfit is your favorite?


  1. Beth Wall says

    This may post twice but so worth it!! I love outfit #1….love the bag!! Merry Christmas and thanks so much for everything you so throughout the year!! Love ya Sister!!


  2. Danielle Thompson says

    I love outfit #3! Turquoise is one of the most complimenting color for a dark complexion. I usually put together pretty decent priced outfits together at Rue 21. They change styles so often, you can always for the current season’s attire on sale or clearance. It always makes me feel good about getting all the accessories to match because I’m still saving a great deal.



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