A Christmas Interview

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  1. when you say smartglass or prcaviy glass, I think of 2 different things. smartglass- someone has been selling IG units in the EU using some type of coating. I am pretty sure it is Pilkington. Gentex is supplying windows to the 787 airplane. Research Frontiers (SPD) is on another plane (king air/beech?).All above companies have public announcements regarding this. I have seen some of these technologies. Gentex had a plane/window display at last year’s annual meeting.prcaviy glass- 3M has a LCD system. I am pretty sure one can buy one at Lowes or Home Depot. they are special order and $$$. I have also seen this window. Very effective. I think there are other polymer dispersed liquid crystal systems out there. Have not seen any of these. do a google for the aforementioned keywordsgood luck*side note: the SPD product is not actually made by REFR. there are several licensees to this technology. I believe they reveal in the news release who is the actual manufacturer of the plane window is.


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