5 Simple Tips for a Clutter Free and Clean Kitchen

1- Keep everything tucked away. This means making good use of the available space inside your cabinets. Look for sales on organization tools that will help you maximize your space.

2- Keep only what fits in your kitchen space. If you don’t have room to store it, you probably have too much stuff. Part of having a clutter free space is in eliminating excess.

3- Choose appliances wisely. We have a behemoth of a juice maker which takes up a lot of space. We also have 2 crockpots, a food processor, a blender, a rice cooker and an electric can opener but you wouldn’t know it. Before we bring home a new appliance, we consider where it will go in the kitchen. There are several more things I’d like to purchase for my kitchen but not at the expense of it taking up space on my counter.

4- Pair down your dishes and utensils. This is a sure shot way to cut down on sink fulls of dirty dishes too. When the kids were younger we paired down our dishes to 2 plates, 2 cups, and 1 bowl per child. They were responsible for washing their dish when they needed it. This reduce the space needed to store dishes. We still follow a similar rule. We only keep two 8 piece dinner settings in our home at any given time.

5- Finally, make a habit of clearing your kitchen counters each night before bed. I like to go as far as spraying the sinks and all of the surface with a disinfectant and wiping with a paper towel. This ensures you’ll have a shiny sink in the morning and a clutter free and clean kitchen.

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