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5 Tools for Creating An Efficient Home

Here’s a tip that Mr. Proverbs Wife taught me years ago and one that I’m still learning everyday. Sometimes it’s better to spend money or invest in the things that will make life easier for you.

I went for three years without a dishwasher and held on to a broken washing machine. I’m frugal type that will not replace something unless it has absolutely no use at all, but Mr. P showed me that it’s not always good to follow that ideal.

By holding on to a broken washing machine and not replacing my dishwasher I was bringing my self stress due to the extra work involved. I was wasting hours a week washing dishes and watching the washing machine fill up with water when I could have been doing something more beneficial to my family.

When Mr. P sat me down and showed me how much income I was losing each week washing dishes and watching the washing macing compared to what we’d spend to replace those items it made more sense to replace the items.

I am much more effective as a homemaker now that we have a working dishwasher and washing machine. I am also happier because I spend less time on chores and more doing one of the things that brings me joy — blogging.

I want to suggest a few items that I believe can be helpful in your home.

3 Gallon Frost White Beverage Dispenser $14.99 each – Reg. $40 This is featured above and in something I personally want. Right now I have several smaller pitchers I use when entertaining but I think this would take up less space during social gatherings and allow even the kids to serve themselves. My best friend Erika has one of these and I love it.

Over The Cabinet Large Oval Basket
Over The Cabinet Large Oval Basket
$9.99 each – Reg. $15 The sink space is one of the most often used areas of the kitchen. This is a neat organizer basket for keeping dish soap, rubber gloves, sponges, etc. hidden away when the kitchen is clean.

Microplush Throw
$5.99 each – Reg. $20 – I have 2 throws which I use mostly in the mornings when I get for my coffee, Bible study and prayer time. These are great gift idea as well. I’ll be sharing pictures and a How-To on my personal prayer area.

White Mesh Wash Bags

White Mesh Wash Bags $3.99 each – Reg. $6.99 This is a sure money saver when it comes to washing your feminine items. My washing machine has torn up several of my bras which are very expensive to replace. These mesh bags keep your bras and panties separate from the rest of the clothes in the washer to prevent the hooks breaking off. These are also useful for keeping socks together and for washing delicate sweaters.

White Crystal Shoe Bag – Shoe
$7.99 each – Reg. $10.99 The great thing about these shoe bags are that they can be use for not just shoes but for organizing other things as well. I use a similar hanging divider to organize my jewelery and other small items.

These are just a few suggestions to get you thinking about you you can become more efficient and organized this year.

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