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 As you can see, I have a fair amount of accessories which I like to keep as organized as possible. I find that I am more likely to wear what I have if it’s easily accessible.

I have a Pocket Hanging Organizer inside my clothes closet used to keep my larger accessories like sunglasses, bracelets and watches organized. The hanging organizers come in lots of styles each with varying pocket sizes. The one I have has smaller pockets at the top which are used for my watches and stretchy bracelets.

The lower half is used for larger bracelets and sunglasses. This organizer hangs on the inside door of my clothes closet. It’s in the perfect spot to ensure that I can easily accessories outfits as I choose them.

I used adhesive hooks or clips like the ones below to organize my necklace and necklace/earring sets. The clips and hooks easily adhere. The adhesive is a special bonding agent that does not destroy paint when you’re ready to remove the hooks.


I went with hooks instead of a traditional jewelry box because

1) I wanted my jewelry in my closet, near my clothes…


2) the hooks make it easy to grab and go.

Putting my jewelry back in the evening is just as easy.

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  1. says

    What a great idea! I never thought of putting my jewelry next to my clothing, would make finding the right piece so much easier! Thank you for the chance to win an Amazon gift code also 🙂



  2. Judy Bradley says

    Thanks for the Amazon giveaway. I am trying to get enough to buy a DVD for a friend, she would never let me if she thought the money came out of my tiny budget, but if I win it – that is ok!


  3. Judy Bradley says

    You put cork slices on your closet doors to quiet them & fill the small gaps.
    I like your jewelry organization. This is something I need to do too. I have used the expandable hat racks before and they work quite well, just need to get it done!


  4. Michele S says

    Love the way you used those hooks to hold your jewelry so you can see easily what will go with your outfit. When its in my jewelry box I forget that i have it and keep wearing the same things.


  5. Kangelia Baxter says

    Entering for 5.00 Amazon card giveraway; Quick and Easy way to Organize Jewelry! I have added this DIY to my list of projects for the month.


  6. chrisB says

    Where can I get the adhesive hooks? I tried several ones but they always peel off the paint when I take them off.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Chris B ….The ones I linked to in my post are the ones that I used. I used the hooks for this project. Just click on the word hooks for more details. 🙂



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