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5 Financial Goals For This Month

1 – File my taxes which can do for FREE online with Turbo Tax or H&R Block. I get mine done by a professional but if you are sophisticated enough to file your own taxes be sure to try both services to see which provides you with the highest return.

2 – Organize your documents. I go through my paper work file once a month and empty all of my file folders. If you want less paper clutter you can try out the FREE organizing service offered by Manilla that helps you organize you paper work virtually.

3 – Check your credit and review your finances. I use Credit Karma, but you can use Credit Sesame for FREE. The are both great services that provide detailed information on your current financial picture as well as tools to see what your finances would look like after implementing small changes.

4 – Draw up legal documents. This is something that every family should have and it really does not cost that much to get all of the legal documents you need. Right now, you can get all off your legal documents drawn up for $29 including a Last Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney and more for yourself and your spouse.

5 – Save and make more money. One of the easiest ways to do this without having to wait to get hired is by taking surveys and participating in reward companies. It’s not fast money but with a few hours a week you can make an extra $50-$200 a month particularly with these 12 companies.

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