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February’s Blessing Report

I woke up this morning feeling like the morning had arrived too early. It didn’t help that my husbands alarm is what jarred me from my sleep. In a perfect world, I’d always want to wake up naturally. You know…just kind of slowly begin stirring once my body has decided it doesn’t need any more rest. That’s my perfect morning routine.

But we don’t live in a perfect world and sometimes that imperfectness can really throw a monkey wrench into my day. When things don’t go how I imagine they should, I tend to get grumpy and irritated. It’s not something I intentionally do, it just is what is in my nature. Although irritability may be my natural reaction to things that stress me, I don’t have to allow it to remain that way.

In the ten minutes it takes for me to fully wake up after the alarm goes off, I started meditating on all of the reasons I had to validate my irritability. I had already gone over at least fifty reasons why I was going to start to the off in a grumpy mood. However at just about the eleventh minute…the Holy Spirit kicked in and reminded me of all the things I have to be happy about.

All of those things are what’s written in my Blessing Journal.

Last month I started a new series called the Blessing Report which gave you a peek inside my life. It highlighted how God has blessing me both great and small.

Here are my highlights from February entries.

1. My children are such a blessing to me. They challenge me to become a better Christian because I see that what I do has such a great impact on them.

2. My husband who is so amazing. Words cannot describe how much I love and adore him. I am honored to be the wife of such an amazing man of integrity and fervor for the things of God.

3. Increase in substance. All of the extra work that God has sent our way makes it possible for us to provide for our family, fulfill our financial obligations and meet our financial goals.

4. Peace of mind regardless of the situation.

5. A clean bill of health for my mom who was sick and experiencing chest pain earlier this month.

6. Blessed to have children who initiate and remind me about family prayer time. It goes a long way to affirming to me that they are owning the importance of prayer. It shows me that it’s not something that I have to keep reminding them about, but something that they actually look forward to and remind me about as well. Now if I could only get them to have the same fervor about their chores. ๐Ÿ˜‰

7. Daily prayer with my husband.

8. Quiet time alone.

9. Health. My kids, my brother and my mom had gotten really sick this month so much so that we thought it was the flu or pneumonia.

10. Meal plans. I have been asking God to order my steps in many areas of my home but especially meal planning. Because of my schedule, I need easy meals that don’t require a lot of fancy ingredients but still taste appealing to my family. It’s been amazing to see the ideas that God gives me work so seamlessly into my daily routine.

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3 thoughts on “February’s Blessing Report

  1. ruth ramos says:

    this was such a blessing to me. i enjoyed reading it. thanks and God Bless


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