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Remodeling The Den and Master Bedroom

The picture above is of my den. It’s what my den would look like on Monday mornings after taking the weekend off from chores. I don’t do chores one the weekends, but instead us that time to connect with my husband and children.

The picture below is what my den looked like after it flooded in November 2011.

Last year we had to replace every appliance in our kitchen and in November we had to replace our washing machine which caused the flood. After all of that we were definitely not willing to spend any more money from our emergency fund so we decided to wait. It just made more sense to put off repairing the floor for a few month in order to stabilize our emergency fund and figure out a way to pay for new flooring.

Putting off this project for a few months has made a big difference. Our emergency fund is back on track and we have budgeted enough money to pay for the floors with cash.

We plan to do the project ourselves which is a huge undertaking. We will be using the help of Youtube and plain common sense to get the job done. So far we’ve pulled up the carpet, removed all of the nails, pulled off some of the molding, scraped up the glue and patched up any holes in the cement.

This week will will figure out whether to cut off the bottom half of the sheet rock that has water damage or replace all of the walls. I also need to decide on a paint color for the walls and a color for the hardwood.

In the midst of doing this project we’ve also decided to move our master bedroom back downstairs. So we will be putting up a wall out side of the downstairs bedroom directly outside of the now guest bathroom. The wall will cause the bathroom to no longer be accessible for the lower level hallway. Once the wall is up the only way into that bathroom will be from our new master bedroom suite.

The bedroom is the project that I’m most excited about since is twice the size of our current bedroom. It will allow me to have a desk space for both my husband and I rather than the one desk we now share. We’ll also be able to have our own closest space as well. The best part will be a sitting area with a small side table where I can have my coffee and read my Bible.

I’m looking forward to seeing how everything turns out or if we can even pull it off. As we get more done, I’ll share more pictures.



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