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Driven To Compassion

God refuses to allow me to be complacent this morning. I had my morning all mapped out. I was going to drop the kids off at school then come back and write on the topic of parenting with grace. Then I was going to hunt down a picture to use with my article about disciplining children; however God was having none of that.

He had His own plans for me this morning.

He wanted me to write about the healed heart and how He wants to break it.

He wanted to remind me that others are hurting and I have a responsibility to be a living witness to them.

He reminded me that although he has brought me through great trials in my life, He wants me to remain sensitive to the pain of others.

This morning God is renewing in me sensitivity for the struggles of others, specifically struggles dealing with marriage and parenting. I believe He’s reminding me of where I’ve been and showing me where I am in order to bring about a compassion for others who are going through things I have experienced.

I wasn’t always a meek and mild wife; there were times when I yelled at my husband and children. Nor was I always a wife to stood by and supported her husband.

He is reviving experiences that I’ve gone through not because he wants me to wallow in pity, but to tap into the testament that He is able to bring us out of any and everything.

He wants us to remember our testimonies. How else do we become a living witness to those around us, without a historical account of what we were in and what He’s bought us out of?

So I had my plans this morning all mapped out, but God was having none of that.

He had different plans for me. He had different words for these fingers to type. He wanted to remind me of my testimony.

So I’m thinking this morning about all that God has bought me out of and as I do that I am getting a clearer sense of why He did.

God bought each of us out of our situation for a reason that is directly related to drawing others to Christ.

Our experiences and how we have overcome them is just the tool we need to tell of God’s love for us. Our stories may be just what someone else needs to hear in order to believe that God is able to deliver them from their situation.

So today I’m asking that God cause my heart to break for the things that break his heart. I want it to break for His hurting people. I want Him to use my life to be the help that others may need now.

Do you have a testimony? Are you using it to help others in some way?

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