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Lower Level Remodel Update + We’re Moving!!

I am so grateful this morning for the wonderful gals that work with me to keep this blog running because without them there’s no way that I could get this remodeling project done and manage the day to day operations of AProverbsWife.com. While they’ve been keeping you all up to date with the latest money saving deals, I’ve been working hard on remodeling the lower level of my home.

It all started with a flood and several weeks later we’ve decided to redo the entire lower level. Not only will we remodel it, but we are moving our master bedroom downstairs as well. We started out with the intent of just pulling up the wet carpet and tearing out the water damaged walls but we decided to also remove the carpet from the stairs leading downstairs. We had no idea what sort of shape the wood on the stairs would be in since they’ve been covered with the same carpet since the day we moved in ten years ago.

We were so happy to find almost perfect wood beneath the carpet. All we had to do was fill a few nail and staples holes and sand. Once we decide on the hardwood finish for the lower level, we will stain the stairs to match it.

With the stairs and lower level den floors prepped we decided to start painting our master bedroom walls. I had such a hard time deciding on a color scheme for the bedroom since the colors I like are bright and vibrant and my husband likes neutral tones. I didn’t want to waste energy trying to convince him how great neon green or ocean blue would look on the walls so I prayed that God would show me which color to choose and left for the hardware store.

When I arrived I looked at and picked out the color swatches for about fifteen minutes and just when I was about to place my order, I saw the clearance shelf. There were two gallons of neutral paint colors similar to the color we had on the walls when we moved in for only $5 each. At that moment God had answered my prayer. The color was suitable for me and would make my husband happy. I  would go neutral on the walls and hog wild crazy with my bold color desires for our bedroom accents.

Once I got home I started moving everything into the center of the room. There wasn’t too much to move. The room served as our old school room and just had a bed several desk and lot’s of school supplies.

Right now, the room is a hideous gray, black and white, colors which stemmed from our first attempts at color. We had no idea about saturation and color schemes but hopefully this go round we can pull off something cohesive.

After everything was moved to the middle of the room I started painting. I decided on the following color scheme.

The wall will be a little bit little than the first block and I will try my best to stick with the remainder of the colors for the theme of the room. The next big obstacle for the day will be figuring out how to get this television out of the house and to the city dump. It’s huge, heavy and not many places in our city take these televisions.

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