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March Reading: The Resolution for Women

I just finished reading Priscilla Shirer’s, The Resolution For Women, based on the movie Courageous. This is the second of 12 books I plan to read this year. As you can see, I’ve already fallen behind on my goal but for good reason. Some books I am able to just read through but a book like The Resolution For Women is one that I wanted to take my time and take notes.

Most of what was shared in the book was not new information, much of it was more of reiterating many principles I already apply to my life.

What I Loved About It:

  • It’s broken down into small easy to apply resolutions that address the primary areas of a woman’s life including marriage, faith, parenting and much more.
  • The tone of the book reads like a wise woman mentoring a younger woman. I love that it follows the pretense of Titus 2.
  • Each chapter is short and full of meaty wisdom and experiences to substantiate to content.
  • The agreements at the end of each resolution where you can sign your name as you decide to implement each resolution in your life.

I really enjoyed reading this book and wish I had it years ago as a young wife and mother. With all of the responsibilities of being a wife and mom, I didn’t have as much time to study my Bible as I did once my children started to get older.

The Resolution For Woman takes many of the Biblical principles pertaining to women and dissects them which is great if you are in a busy season of life and don’t have a lot of free time to devote to bible study.

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