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Six Things Bob Teebow Wants You To Know

I had the amazing opportunity to have my heart stirred by Bob Teebow, father of Tim Teebow the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. What I thought would be an hour long talk about sports turned out to be the refreshing words of confirmation I needed to hear.

Here are my takeaways from Bob’s message.

  • We need Jesus because we have offended God with our words, actions and thoughts. The offense puts a divide between us and Him that only the blood of Jesus can repair. — Romans 5
  • There is no man, women or child who can reconcile us to God but Jesus Christ. The fact that He is God, and a man that had no sin makes reconciliation possible.
  • The death of Jesus took away the offense of our sin. The cost or wage of sin is death and Jesus paid the price for each of us.
  • In exchange for His death, Jesus obtained the right for us to live with God in this present time and for all eternity in spite of our sin.
  • However, Jesus does not force the privilege onto us. We are given the free will to accept the gift of eternal life for an exchange.
  • We have to give Jesus our past, present and future sins. In order to do this we must

1- accept forgiveness of our past sins.

2- we must choose to live our lives in this present time to honor God by following His word.

3- we must make the choice to follow God everyday.

For those of you who are already believers, realize that nothing Bob Teebow shared is new information. Gods word is never a new message but somehow it is able to ignite a passion in us to go on doing what He has commissioned us to do and that is to share the good news of the gospel.

I have no higher calling then to tell others about the amazing God I serve and about how He took my sins which were worth nothing and in exchange gave me the precious gift of life.

Who does that but God?

Who else is willing to take our sins in exchange for a gift with such infinite value? If you were to take all of your sins and wrap them up in a big sheet and try to sell them, no one would buy them. The evil stuff you’ve said, done and thought have no value to anyone accept our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is the only one who wants to take on the ugliness of our sin and give us life in exchange.

You mean to tell me that we don’t have to live life with dark hearts, feeling guilty and alienated from God our Father?

That’s right?

He wants it all.

Why would He do that for us?

It’s because we are His children and He loves us.

Take for an example a parent we look at in our society as being a “good parent”. Now what “good parent” seeing their child suffering would not do anything in their power to take away their pain?

How much more can God relate to this “good parent”. It is He who created us in His image and enabled us to feel the love of a parent toward a child.

I was definitely blessed to sit in on Bobs message. I was renewed by it and it gave me just the reminder I needed to continue living and sharing the gospel. God knows that my heart gets weary for those that I fear will not spend eternity in heaven with me. I made up in my mind a long time ago that I won’t stop telling people about Gods love. I made my trade a long time ago. I exchanged my worthless, ugly, dirty sin for His salvation and He took away the darkness and pain
in my heart. He gave me a new outlook and identity. I want with every fiber of my being for those who don’t know Him — to know Him. I was a chief sinner and even still, He accepted my sin for His salvation.

I know about His saving grace. It’s this one exchange that will make the difference between where we spend eternity. I made exchange when I was twenty-two years old and I am certain that I will spend eternity in heaven with my Father but the thing is this…I don’t want to be there without the people I love. So when they question why I won’t stop telling them about the love of Jesus my answer is, “because I don’t want to spend eternity in heaven without you”. They may not know what I know at this point in their lives but they can rest assured that I am convinced that I know what plans life after death hold fit them and that I want them with me.

Who can argue with that?

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