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Testimony Tuesday – More Than Enough

I want to share a quick story about how much God has been blessing my family. I’ve already been sharing the many blessings as part of my monthly Blessing Report, but I wanted to take a moment to share something special that God is doing in our lives.

God has been so amazing to Mr. P and I and has really helped me to personally overcome my struggle with believing in His provision for me personally. I talked about it debt as part of my February Blessing Report, but on top of that He has been pouring out His amazing blessings in our lives.

Both my husband and I are self employed and don’t know how much we will earn from month to month. We are both paid for projects or work that we do among other things. Not having a set income used to make me so anxious at the beginning of each month but with Gods help I have really been able to grasp the promises of His provision for my life. It’s become so alive to me that it’s caused me to make some changes and commitments that have allowed God to really show me How willing and able He is to not only meet my needs, but to exceed them.

After writing out my breakthrough God immediately provided all of the financial resources necessary to meet every financial goal for this month. I’m not just talking about our bills. I am talking about our emergency fund goal, our vacation savings our business expenses, you name it. All of the resources we needed were supplied just days after I came to the resolution to trust God completely to provide.

In response to Gods amazing expression of love and His willingness to reveal His hand in our lives, Mr.P and I prayed together and have decided to make a faith promise to the missions work in our church. We’ve been mission field focused for the last four or five years and have been waiting for God to reveal what our role would be. There are three major parts that can be played in the part of mission work which are praying, sending or physically going out into the field. We have been praying for missionaries and the lost but we have now selected a specific individual to pray for. Her name is Tania. She’ll graduate high-school this fall and is already spreading the good new of gospel in her area where Christianity is not accepted.

In addition, to praying we’ve made a faith promise to give $350 to missionary work but the trick is that we can’t take it out of our budget. We have to look and wait for it to show up in an unexpected way. I believe that God will do it in the form of extra income that surpasses what we normally earn in a month. I believe that Not only will God provide the resources for our needs over the next few weeks, but that he will also provide the extra $350.

It will be amazing to see God supply.

I am so grateful that God has given us a heart for the lost and those in need. Through couponing, budgeting and living frugally we’ve been able to help our local community through donations to food and clothing banks but God is stretching us even further to help those outside of our borders.

It’s amazing.

I just wanted to share my joy and excitement with you all. I want you to know how blessed I am to be the owner of A Proverbs Wife. This site lets me share my faith, inspire and help my readers and use the resources to be a blessing to my family and others.

I want to thank you all so much for your supporting my site with all you do. Whether using the resources I share, buying my ebooks, emailing me and commenting or just visiting, I appreciate you.

Each of you play a part in helping me be a blessing to others and I appreciate you.

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5 thoughts on “Testimony Tuesday – More Than Enough

  1. Many of your posts sound very much like Money Saving Mom’s posts….hmmmmmmmmm?????


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    I don’t know whether that’s a compliment or an accusation, nevertheless I praise the Lord for blessing both Crystal and I. My heart rejoices to hear that God is blessing her and her family in many of the same ways that He is blessing me and mine. To God be the glory.

    Both Crystal and I love the Lord and are His disciples so it doesn’t shock me that some of our testimonies may sound similar but in reality are also very different.

    It kinda reminds me of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Thanks for confirming that we are both doing our parts to spread the good news of God’s love and salvation through our own personal relationships with Him.


  2. Thanks for sharing this! I thought you would like to hear how God has blessed us as well! We are also self employed with a very irregular income. And like you it can be a struggle to trust that God will provide for us. Things are always tighter around this time of year. Yesterday we got a bill in the mail for $58 – not a lot I know – but still! And in the mail we also got an unexpected check for $50. God has perfect timing!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    That’s amazing Diane. It’s wonderful how it’s the small blessings here and there that God uses to demonstrate His love for us. I plan on keeping my wide open because I really want to see Gods work in my life and praise Him for it each time He does. Thank you for sharing how God is pouring out His awesomeness in your life.


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