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Useful Categories in My Blog Binder

Blog Schedule:

This is the section that I use most often. It includes the current months calendar, my work schedule, my daily blog outline and blank notebook paper for notes.

Blog Goals:

In this section you’ll find my month-by-month blog goals which allows center around five major areas. They are content, promotions, capture contacts, monetization and seo.

I look at these goals several times a week to make sure that I am doing what I should to get the result that I’m looking for.

Social Media/Giveaways:

This section also includes the current months calendar. I like to support fellow blogpreneurs by sponsoring a prize for their giveaways or being a participant. I also like to host giveaways here on my blog to reward my readers for the their time support and investment into making AProverbsWife.com a success. With so many days in a month and so many giveaways, it’s easy to lose track of what giveaways I should be promoting or choosing winners for. That’s where this section comes in handy.

I also jot down giveaway ideas and create drafts of how they will run, who’s involved, prizes, start and end dates, etc.

There is also information regarding things I’d like to schedule to post to my social media accounts.

Business Expenses:

In this section I keep detailed notes hosting, domain, adverting, promotion and other fees. I really should store printed receipts of my expenses here too, but I only have so much time and space in my binder. I usually wait until just before it’s time to file my taxes to print out hundreds of receipts for my records.

Another thing that I keep in this section is a list of things I need to purchase or save money for such as a laptop (because I always need a new laptop ;)) or conference tickets.

If you’d like to see the inside of my binder head over and watch my Blog Binder video.

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