An update on my den makeover plus $60 to spend on Removable Wall Decor for just $30

I’m almost finished painting the den and I love the color. I changed it from a model home beige to Valspar Gravity and Valspar Voyage. They are both a grey-ish blue. I took some pictures with my iphone but will share some more soon using my camera.

I have one more spot to paint then I can start working on the floors. I also plan to add a removable wall decal to this room similar to the ones that are 50% off on Mamasource. I can get a $60 SissyLittle credit for $30 and get a really nice decal for the den.

I am a bit nervous about adding a decal and hope it doesn’t look cheesy. They look so good in pictures but I’m not sure if I will like it on my wall. As soon as I make some more progress, I’ll share some more pictures.

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