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How To Achieve Professional-ish Looking Polka Dot Nails

I really enjoy creating different nail looks at home. It’s a welcome challenge trying to recreate styles I find in magazines and on Pinterest.

One of the easiest to duplicate is this polka-dot nail. It only takes two pain colors, clear top coat, a pencil and stick pin. You can also buy a professional tool but why waste money when theBeautyDepartment.com has such a great tutorial showing you how to make one at home.

1. Make your polka dot tool.

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2. Choose Your Nail Polish colors.

I went with fushia and white. These are some ‘on and poppin’ colors for the Spring and really add a bold punch of colors to your hands.

3. Add two coats of polish to each finger.

I added two coats of pink to all of my nails except for my ring finger. That finger was painted white just to add an extra layer of “umph!” to this look.

By adding to layers of paint, I was able to achieve a nice saturated color which is what I was aiming for.

4. Apply the polka dots.

After my two paint coats were nice and dry (I use my blow dryer for quick drying) I added contrasting polka dots to each finger.

I dried the polka dots for about 60 seconds using my hair dryer then moved on to step 5.

5. Apply clear top coat.

This final coat of polish is to seal in your color, make it last and prevent chipping. Make sure to allow enough drying time before touching your nails. With so many coats and not enough drying time you can cause smudging.

When I follow these steps, my nails polish remains chip free for 5-6 days.


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