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My 5 Financial Goals and a Money Check-Up For April 2012

1 – Fund My Faith Promise. Mr.P and I made a commitment to make a $350 faith promise to support missions work through our church but the kicker is that the money can’t be budgeted from our income. It must come from an unexpected source as a result of prayer and faith. Many of our church members have already shared how God has provided unexpected money via checks and unclaimed funds. It’s amazing and exciting to see how God will provide. I will share an update on where and how we secured our faith promise.

2 – Organize my documents. I go through my paper work file once a month and empty all of my file folders. Everything is sorted and filed away into their appropriate storage areas. If you are not a fan of paper filing you can try out the FREE organizing service offered by Manilla that helps you organize you paper work virtually or Neat Desk which allows you to digitally store documents.

3 – Check credit and review my finances. I use Credit Karma, but you can use Credit Sesame for FREE. The are both great services that provide detailed information on your current financial picture as well as tools to see what your finances would look like after implementing small changes. I’ve already shared my financial progress from March and will share my April goals with you in a few days.

4 – Five Financial Goals.

  • Tithe 10% or more of our April income
  • Save 15% of our April income for emergencies (Emergency Fund)
  • Deposit 7% of our April income for our summer vacation
  • Increase our income by 5% or more from March
  • Fulfill ‘Faith Promise’ — $350

5 – Save and make more money. This one is all based on our faith and the will of God. Because Mr. and I are both self employed we have a little more control over how much we earn. What we make is based on the work available and how many jobs we are able to do. I am prayerful that God will provide the exact amount of work necessary to allow us to achieve every goal that is according to His perfect will for our lives.

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