How I Organize My Pocketbooks with Repurposed Hangers

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This little beauty below does double and triple duty around my house.

We’ve come to find many ways to re-purpose it to help with clutter and keep things organized. Today I want to show you how I use double or triple clip hangers to organize my purses and handbags.

I store my handbags and purses in my closet close to my clothes and my jewelry organizer so that I can quickly match outfits and accessories effortlessly.

Jewelry Organizer

Some of my bags are on a shelf in my closet. These are my smaller, mid size and leather bags. The bags that stay on the shelf are usually ones with a define form which make it easier for them to sit up straight and neat. My clutches and wristlets all hang out in a square container which works great.


Clutch/Wristlet Container and Sturdy Bags


Clutches and Wristlets


While some of my bags play nicely on a shelf in my closet, others like to slouch over in a cluttered heap. The ones that have no form such as my tote and canvas bags are hung on clip hangers right alongside my clothes.

Canvas, tote and oversize bags seem to function better hanging on a double or triple hanger. I am able to store as many as three bags per hanger if they are made of a light weight material like these canvas tote bags above. As you can see, I used a a triple clip hanger to secure all three bags.

Bags that are bulkier, like those made of imitation leather or recycled material hang more securely with just one bag per hanger.

I simply stick my bags in between my dress and casual clothes. Having them here provides a visual cue when I’m picking out my clothes. All of my dress clothes and evening where are to the left of the bags while my casual and sporty clothes are to the right.

Do you have a unique way of storing your bags and purses?