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How I Re-Purposed a Girls Dress into a Skirt

I have been practicing my sewing and I am getting so much better. The latest project was a dress that I made into a skirt for my daughter. The dress is a size 16 but my daughter wheres a size 10. Instead of waiting for her to grow into it, I decided to turn it into a skirt.

I started by cutting off the chest or bust part of the dress.

Here’s a closer look of where I cut.

Next, I cut a 4 inch strip to be used for the waist band.

I then cut the 4 inch strip in two.

Next, I started on the gathering for the skirt waist. I simply sewed along the top edge of the soon to be skirt then pulled the thread to create a gathered effect.

See how pulling the thread makes the waist look gathered.

Finally, I constructed the waist band using the two strips of fabric I cut, pinned them the the gathered part of the skirt and stitched everything together. I had to add a button which was easy with the button hole feature on my sewing machine.

So here’s a final shot of the before and after.

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