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How To Cash Out Your Jingit Account Earnings

I ‘ve been telling you all month long about the opportunities available to earn money using Jingit. Earning money is as simple as logging into your account. As I already mentioned, if you check Jingit at least once daily, it looks like you may be able to get a half a tank of gas or a days worth of groceries each month using Jingit.

When you log into your account you should see ads on your main page if any are available. They will look similar to the image below. After earning money, you’ll want to be able to spend it.

You can use your earnings to buy music at music.me or you can get a Jingit Visa Debit Card. To apply for your debit card simply click on the image shown below from your Jingit account dashboard. The image should show up on the right side of your page.

After you apply for your Jingit Visa Debit Card, your card will be mailed to you within 3 weeks. When your card arrives, you need to activate it and add the cash from your Jingit account.

If you are just hearing about Jingit for the first time today, here’s what you can do on Jingit.

Jingit is Walmart & Kraft Foods user interactive panel that allows you to earn money for viewing ads or filling out surveys.

If you log in every few days, you can earn more and more for each task you complete.

If you would like to start earning with Jingit, head over here to get started.


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6 thoughts on “How To Cash Out Your Jingit Account Earnings

  1. My Jingit account hasn’t had any ads for a week! I joined two weeks ago. I think you have to scan the products at Walmart to continually get ads!


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