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How I Organize My Entire Home With Containers

A few months ago I stumbled across an emporium of containers at the dollar store. When I saw the selection I could barely believe my eyes. I immediately began brainstorming about all the things I could group together and make more organized using this budget friendly containers so I grabbed about $40 worth of containers  and headed back home.

Over the next couple of weeks I found ways to declutter a bunch’a areas in my house.

Here’s a few that I’ve done so far.

1. Kitchen Cabinets — Using containers to keep my kitchen cabinet organized was an ingenious idea. It took some tweaking since I had to raise and lower the cabinet shelves to fit the number of containers I wanted to use, but the end result was so worth it. Now my kids and husband can clearly see where each item goes. It also makes grabbing what we need a cinch.

2. Deep Freezer — Having a deep freezer is a blessing for my family since we like to stock up on freezer items when they are their lowest price. Without a deep freezer it would be difficult since it would take up so much space in our side by side freezer. While the deep freezer can be useful, it can also turn into a black hole for food. Before containers, everything used to get tossed in the freezer and the stuff at the bottom sort of just got buried until you really had no choice but to empty everything to get something from the bottom. While I still have to take stuff out to get to the bottom, now I’m taking out four or five color coded containers versus fifty or so small items like before.

3. Medicine Cabinet —  I love the way this project came together. With a few containers I was able to not only organize my medicine cabinet, but I also cam up with a neat way to be prepared when any of the children get sick. No more searching around for medicine cups, medicine or thermometers. It’s like I have my very own sick child kit ready to go whenever I need it.

4. Toiletries — While I have not settled on a workable way to store my bathroom toiletries, I have been using containers thus far. I’ve tried two different styles but neither of them give me any functionality. The containers simply hold all of the items in one place but it doesn’t provide me with a user friendly way to group like items. For now the containers work until I find just the right solution.

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5 thoughts on “How I Organize My Entire Home With Containers

  1. I am SOOO impressed! SO many great ideas in so many areas AND your blog post was so neat and organized too! Man I have a lot to learn;)


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Kathy, Thanks Kathy.


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