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Don’t Miss Your Flight!

My husband and I met with the Aaron and Dion Bell, a couple from our church for lunch today. We had an amazing time laughing and talking with them about marriage, parenting and ministry.

They both work full time and are co-pastors at my church, The Harvest.The Bell’s have a wonderful calling on their lives and are so inviting to everyone they come into contact with. This is a couple that really loves the Lord which is why I am delighted to share the following message with your from Aaron.

Don’t Miss Your Flight! — Author: Pastor Aaron Bell

Ah, hurry up, people!  Move the line; I’ve got a plane to catch!

It’s minutes before my flight is to depart, and I’m stuck in a long check-in line at the airport.

“Flight 1766, boarding . . .”

Uh oh, that’s my flight!  Why is everyone taking so long to go through security? Ahhh!!!

Thoughts of frustration and irritation consume me. Anger management, here I come. I get through security and make a mad dash for my gate.   There’s another call for my flight. Hey, wait up!  I’m dashing through the airport like OJ in a Hertz commercial.  Finally, I reach my gate, all to hear these shocking words from the attendant: “Sorry, Mr. Bell, your flight boarded two minutes ago.”

“Are you serious? I’m right here!” I exclaimed.

“Sorry, sir; it is our policy not to wait on anyone.”

Whoa!  Reality check . . . gasping for air . . . Call 911 . . . Help, my ego has fallen and can’t get up!

You know, sitting in that airport, waiting for the next flight out (which was hours away), I had lots of time to reflect on why I missed my flight. For instance, I was caught in traffic, got stuck behind a bunch of school kids, and my personal favorite-was frisked TWICE by a TSA agent!  Even though these are legitimate excuses, the ultimate blame falls on me. Weeks before, I had received the notices about the flight time and by what time to be at the airport; and yet, I kept on living for me-instead of preparing for that travel date.  As a result, I wound up missing a very important flight.

It’s amazing how many times we hear messages about Jesus coming back, and yet through it all, we go on living like business as usual. Well, here’s a reality check: As sure as we can believe that Jesus is the Messiah, was born of a virgin, lived a sin-free life, died on a cross for our sins, and rose from the dead-then surely, we can believe the rest of His story- that He will return (Acts 1:11).  There are a plethora of references in Scripture that point to the Son of Man returning and for His followers (us) to be ready when He does return.  Yet, do we actually get it?  Are we really listening?  Believe it or not, Christ is coming back.  Even though we may not know the exact date and time, it still behooves us to be prepared each day for His return.

Today, you know where you are in your relationship with Christ.  Don’t ignore the warning signs.  Let’s avoid having to make excuses.  Read your Bible, seek out His will, and do those things that are necessary and pleasing to Him to show that you’re ready to go when He does return-because HE IS COMING BACK.  My friend, if my recent airport experience is any indication of how life will be like “post-rapture”-the feeling of shame, disbelief, anxiety, frustration, agony, and torment all magnified 1,000 times-trust me, it ain’t worth missing that flight with Jesus!  In fact, in the words of the A-Team’s Mr. T, “I pity the fool!”

Folks, the clock is ticking. The plane is boarding.  Let’s not miss out!

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