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Food For Your Soul Roundup 6/11 – 6/16

This was another great week and all I can do is praise the Lord for all of the blessings.

I had plans to go hard at the gym but ended up skipping the entire week. Now that the kids are out of school and in Summer activities, they are with me more during the day. After the last two weeks of having them home, looking back I wonder how I home-schooled them all for the previous  5 years. I was worn out after the last two weeks of camp, VBS and gym play dates, so instead of parenting on low energy and then fussing at the kids, I decided to dump some stuff off of my schedule.

Learning when to say ‘enough’ is something I learned during the last two or three years. I’ve gotten comfortable with not being able to do everything on my schedule. Having peace and being able to parent my children without stressing them out is very important to our home running smoothly.

So the highlight of my week was choosing the road of less resistance. I dumped some of the things on my agenda in order to be available for my kids with a spirit of peace.

Now that the weekday is done and we have a little time to slow down I have a few things I want to remind you of.

First, thanks you so much everyone who downloaded my toolbar.

For those who haven’t  I encourage you to grab the A Proverbs Wife Community toolbar. It’s not so much that I want to clutter up you webpage, but more so because it’ll be good for you. I designed it so that encouraging and inspiring content is always a click away.

(How to use the APWC toolbar)

It’s easy to get entangled in all of the information available online. Some of it is good for us, some of it while meaning well is not so good and some is outright bad for us. This is why I love the APWC toolbar. It updates discreetly each time I share something new and it’s customized to include a drop down box where you can easily access and inspirational content from the week.  It also includes a quick link to the APWC Facebook abd Twitter pages where I share inspiring messages and other information daily. I think it’s one of the most useful toolbars I’ve seen. 😀

Seriously though, you can download it for FREE right here.

Now, let’s look back at some resources I shared this week to inspire and encourage us.

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