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His Grace is Enough

I was looking through an old pad I keep in my nightstand for a sheet of paper.

My daughter had asked me for my opinion about a shirt she wanted to wear to school this morning. I needed a sheet of paper because I wanted to write her a special note. I wanted to thank her for valuing my opinion and I wanted tell her how amazing she looked this morning.

I grabbed a little spiral pad from my nightstand and started looking for a clean sheet. As I flipped the pages I came across some useful stuff like the password for my kids college funds. I’ve been looking for this for a while now.

I also came across pages and pages of daily To-Do’s from 2009. It was fun looking back at what I was doing three years ago. One of the entries for October 21st, 2009 read, “Call Wajid” and had a check beside it. The check meant that I had called my older brother that day. As I stared at the entry , I tried to remember what we talked about but I couldn’t.

As I turned a few more pages I came to an entry written by my youngest son. Since this was my personal notepad I was surprised to see his handwriting. He would have been five years old when he wrote the following message.


Reading it caused tears to well up in my eyes. His words were so few yet they said so much. Those seven little words translated into everything that our relationship is with God.



My boy even at 5 years old recognized the impact that sin has on a relationship.

It separates. It makes us feel guilt, conviction and condemnation.


He is jealous for us and His GRACE is sufficient for our shortcomings.


I am jealous for him and my grace is sufficient for him.

My son never has to question my love for him and we NEVER HAVE TO QUESTION GODS LOVE FOR US.

He loves us with an unending love.

That mess up that you’ve been feeling guilty about, bring it to God. Tell him your sorry. He already knows.

Come to Him today. He wants to reassure you of His love.

When you say “SORRY”, “PLEASE LOVE”, He’ll say, “I forgive and I love you with an everlasting love”.

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2 thoughts on “His Grace is Enough

  1. This is the truest (EVER) statement! Yes, God’s love is quite amazing πŸ™‚ He even puts up with those times that I don’t want to offer the same “sufficient grace.” But thankfully, and with a forgiving love, He lets me know that I should because He did! Thank you for great inspiration!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Pam Donica,

    Thanks Pam πŸ™‚


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