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Mobile Web Device Research Panel | Pays $25 E-Voucher

GfK Connected Life Community | $25 Mobile & Web Panel

The GfK Connected Life Community is looking for panelist to possibly test and provide feedback for mobile and web devices. You will be required to download an app to participate in the discussion. In addition, you must own an Android mobile phone.

In return for your participation you will receive up to $25 in e-vouchers for each part of the panel you complete.

First you’ll need to fill out this 2 page screener which are questions about you and android phones in general. Once you submit, you’ll know right away. After acceptance a screen will open for you to download  the app and you’ll get a $5 voucher for that part. You will receive the remaining $20 in e-vouchers for each additional task you are asked to complete.

Once you are a member of GfK, you will be contacted for future opportunities as well.

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