A Proverbs Wife

Never Too Busy

I’m a mommy and I’m outnumbered.

There’s one of me and three of them which can make the task of being mom overwhelming at times.

Sometimes there’s a lot going on and I can’t listen to every story or solve every problem but thank God we have a savior who can.

I want to be exactly like Jesus. I want a never ending amount of energy, and an unending cup of patience. I long for the ability to be available for my kids 24/7 but I’m not Jesus.

I never will be.

I can be like Him but I’ll never be Him.

So what can I do as a mom when I am out of energy, answers and patience?

I can point them to the ONE who never sleeps and never slumbers.

He is always there when we call.

I pray that I will always keep this in mind when I feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of being mommy.

Lord help me remember that I am not their God. Help me move out of the way to let you have your way in my children’s lives. Help me to draw them to you and not to myself. — Amen

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