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When My Husband Comes Home From Work

Every time my husband calls to say that he’s on his way home from work is another chance for me to show him just how much I adore him.

I can…

1. Turn on the porch light for him so he doesn’t walk up to a dark front door.

2. Put his dinner in the oven on warm so that’s one less thing he has to do after a long day at work.

3. Hang his bathrobe and/or pajamas into the bathroom for him.

4. Warm his towel in the dryer on hi heat for about 10 minutes. (Warm towels after a shower are dreamy)

5. Make myself available to him by turning off my laptop or anything else that would draw my attention away from him.

6. Put on something nice to wear. (No sweats and t-shirt more along the lines of lace, satin, silk, etc.)

7. Spritz on a little perfume and add a little gloss to my lips.

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