17 FREE Homemaking Binder Resources

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After watching my blog binder video, readers have asked about some of the resources in my binder. Ive pulled together a list of the top 16 FREE resources still available online.

Planning Pages

1. Free Daily Homemaking Schedule

2. Free Monthly Bible Reading Schedule

Biblical Womanhood

3. 31 Days of Praying for Biblical Character

4. 13 Ways To Tell Your Husband You Love Him Without Saying A Word

5. 18 Ways to Glorify Your Husband

6. 5 Biblical Characteristics of A Proverbs Wife

7. 31 Days of Praying for Your Husband

8. God’s Model Of The Family Relationship

9. 29 Things That Should Be Mastered Before Considering Working Outside of the Home

10. 31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children

11. How a Husband Should Handle His Wife’s Submission

12. Becoming a Wife Who Submits to Her Husband

13. How Should A Wife Disagree With Her Husband Respectfully?

14. Advice for Newly Wed Christian Wives

15. Is It Biblical for a Wife to Work?

16. Husbands and Wives are Equal in Value

Training Children

16. Go To The Ant: Honor Checklist

17. How Can I Promote Peace in Our Home

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  1. I love this, & I love this blog, awesome!!


  2. I want to make one of these. I am just becoming a SAHM and homeschooling mom. I love your list of 30 things to consider before going back to work. I am going to make one of those. I also shared your link on my newly formed facebook page. My goal is actually to teach my daughters to become Proverbs women. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Welcome Angela.

    Feel free to browse around. Use the search box on the left to search for anything related to homemaking. There are lots of resources available.


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