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6 Back to School Bible Verses for Kids

Do you ever get an anxious feeling inside as the summer comes to an end and you will soon be sending your kids to spend most of their waking hours away from you for the next nine months?

That’s the feeling I used to get. It stemmed from a place of fear, and ignorance of what God word had to say about children.

I feared that my children would be exposed to sin and that I had no defense of keeping them pure and untouched by sinfulness.

This was my thinking until I read the book Grace Based Parenting earlier this year and began studying faith from a child’s point of view.

After seeking out scripture related to children and faith I realized that my children will only follow after the strongest desires that are already in them.

My children are not much different from me in terms of being a child of the Most High God. They posses a sin nature and a spirit of redemption just as I do. In fact, according to Matthew 18:3, children possess an innocence that allows them to trust and follow God far more easily than adults.

With that being said, I want to encourage families to walk in faith as they prepare for the new school year. To help you do that, I’m sharing 6 key verses I think every Christian child should hear before returning to school.

In addition to the 6 verses, I’m also sharing the 6 Dayspring Christian notebooks my kids will be using for school this year.

The team at Dayspring gifted me some notebooks, folders and other goodies for my daughter and we bought several additional notebooks for my son. I am so glad that Dayspring designed this line for kids. All of the products help to build upon the things we are teaching at home about faith. These supplies allow them to keep Gods word near them throughout the school day.

6 Back to School Bible Verses for Kids

1. God loves you and you have a special place in His heart. (Mark 10)

2. You can go to God at any time. He’s never too busy for you. (Mark 10:14)

3. Jesus is close to people who embrace, love and give value to children in His name. (Mark 9:37, Matthew 18:5)

4. God is concerned about everything that concerns you. So much so that He has assigned a special Angel to look after you on His behalf. (Matthew 18:10)

5. Go has a special punishment reserved for people who do not treat children well. (Matthew 18:6)

6. Jesus does not want anyone to stop you from coming to Him at any time. There is never an inappropriate time to go to Him. (Matthew 19:14)

6 Back to School Bible Verses for Kids | AProverbsWife.com | Homemaking Binder(Printable Version: click to enlarge)

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7 thoughts on “6 Back to School Bible Verses for Kids

  1. Thank you for these verse and for sharing your feelings as a mom. I was struggling with sending my children to school this year since both are in middle school.


    A Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Viera, I’m praying over your children.


  2. Thank you for these verses! I’m going to print them out for my kids.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    You’re welcome Amelia.

    Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€


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