August Top 5 Most Viewed Articles on

Today is that last day of August and I was checking my stats to see what were my most viewed articles.

Over the last 60 days I was not happy to see that my most viewed content was for either a FREE item or a coupon I had posted.While I enjoy sharing deals, I don’t want my site to become a resource primarily for deals. The primary purpose of is to inspire and encourage Christian women.

I spent the entire month carefully considering what to post on my blog and Facebook page. I skipped over sharing every single FREE offer I came across. I spent more time sharing article on faith, marriage and parenting.

As a result, here are the top 5 most view pages on my site for August.

1. A Helper Suitable For Him: 18 Ways to Glorify Your Husband

2. 13 Ways to Tell Your Husband You Love Him Without Saying a Word

3. 17 FREE Homemaking Binder Resources

4. 6 Back To School Bible Verses for Kids

5. How Should a Wife Respectfully Disagree With Her Husband?

Seeing this shows me where my priorities concerning my site were during this month. I put my efforts into sharing new and archived content with you pertaining to faith, marriage and parenting.

You may have missed a few deals being featured on my site, but I know many of you walked away with some far more valuable resources as a result of these top 5 posts.

If you haven’t already read them. Go ahead, click on the links and check them out today.

Thanks so much for visiting and supporting one of your favorite Biblical womanhood site.