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FREE Absent Student Letter Printable

Printable Absent Student Letter | | AProverbsWife.com | Homemaking BinderAbsent Studet Letter

I’m so excited about sharing my printable Absent Student Letter that I can hardly contain myself.

I’m one of those people who get really excited when I stumble upon organization innovations. Anything that will make my life run smoother excites me.

Last year when all of my children went from homeschool to public school, I knew that I would need to be equally diligent in keeping their documents organized. When I homeschooled I kept meticulously detailed records of their work and I was just as organized with our school room supplies.

I wanted to carry that same discipline over to managing their public school education which is what led me to create School Year Binder. One of the documents inside each child’s section in my binder is absent student printable.

This may seem like a small thing but come winter when it seems like a child in your home is sick every other week, you’ll thank me.

Like I said, I keep a few copies of the Absent Student Letter in my School Year Binder so when my child is able to go back to school I just fill in the form.

Here’s what it looks like.

Printable Absent Student Letter | | AProverbsWife.com | Homemaking Binder

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