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Getting Organized: School Year Binder

School Year Binder Tutorial AProverbsWife.com

I can’t believe this summer was so amazing and stress free.

The kids went on vacation to Myrtle Beach, New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. They spent a week at a hotel in town with their grandparents.

They had swim lessons, chess camp and play dates. This was the summer I have dreamt about for 12 years. The summer where my kids were the perfect age to travel without driving me nuts with arguing.

I’m not saying this to brag only to encourage moms to believe that the sacrifices are worth it. All of what you pour into your kids will payoff.

I am so blessed to have spent this summer with my kids.

Now that the summer fun is about over, I’ve changed gears and have begun thinking about ways to keep three kids and their school paperwork organized.

To do this, I decided to create a School Binder using the Dayspring Back to School line of notebooks. I used to  keep school related paperwork in a section in my homemaking binder but this year I want to devote an entire notebook to school paperwork.

Student School Year Binder

Having just one section in my Homemaking Binder left all of the school paperwork crammed into one section. With the School Binder, each child will get their own section.


(Dayspring Chrsitian Notebooks)

What type of stuff should go into a School Binder?

  • : Back To School Shopping Lists
  • : Monthly School Menu
  • : Paperwork to sign and return
  • : FREE Printable Absent Student Form
  • : Middle School Class Schedule
  • : Elementary School Class Schedule
  • : School contact numbers
  • : Middle School Locker number and combination
  • : In school activity sign up forms
  • : Early dismissal procedures
  • : Bus schedule / School instructional schedule
  • : School map (if starting a new school)
  • : Class newsletter
  • :FREE Printable Back to School Bible Verses for Kids


Each child has a section in my notebook and at the very back of the notebook, there is a section to keep track if documents for extra-curricular activities such as swimming, bible quiz teams, etc.

School has just begun and I am already reaping the benefits of using my School Binder.

All of the documents I need for each child is organized and easy to access. Here are some pictures of the inside of my binder.





I really enjoyed putting together my new binder and hope it inspires you to become more organized this school year.

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8 thoughts on “Getting Organized: School Year Binder

  1. FYI. The Walmart near me, just had these binders reduced to $1.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Thanks Barb. I’m going to see if the same sale is at my Walmart.


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