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The Book of Ruth: 5 Things Christians Can Learn from Ruth and Naomi

1 – When we find a Godly mentor, we must stick with them.

Ruth 1:16-17

Ruth identified that person as being Naomi, her Mother-in-Law. Naomi followed God and Ruth knew this. Ruth believed it so strongly that she rather than return to her family after the death of her husband, she vowed to stay with Naomi and serve God.

2 – We are called to be Godly mentors.

Ruth 2:2, Ruth 3:1-5

Immediately after Naomi’s husband and sons are all dead, we see her emerge as the matriarch of what’s left of the family. She instructs her daughters in law Orpah and Ruth to return to their home land. Ruth refuses and in the remaining three of four chapters Naomi is guiding and mentoring Ruth.

3 – When tragedy hits hard we must try not to become bitter.

Ruth 1:21

Naomi was angry about the deaths of first her husband and then her two sons. From a humanistic point of view, who wouldn’t be. She told her friends to no longer call her Naomi but to call her Mara (which means bitter). I believe she would have been content to spend the rest of her time on earth wallowing in her misery but her role as a Godly mentor would keep her from her plan.

4 – God will place people in our lives to bless us.

Ruth 2:10-14

When Ruth and Naomi arrive in Bethlehem Ruth quickly finds work. Almost immediately after starting her work in the field Boaz is working behind the sense to make sure she is taken care of.

5 – God blesses our faithfulness.

Ruth 2:10-12

Ruth made a life changing decision after the death of her husband when she decided to follow God. Her decision to follow God was the gateway between all of Gods favor that would flow into her life from this point on.

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