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I shared the news on my Facebook page about being asked to be on the show “Wife Swap”. When I got the email I thought it was a mass email sent out to several people by ABC’s casting team. Public Relations and casting people often send out mass emails all the time fishing for opportunities to get the word out about their client or brand.

However, this was different. It was sent directly to me, from the producers using my site contact form. The sender had actually taken the time to visit my page.

To say that I wasn’t feeling kinda special would be a lie. Deep down or maybe not so deep, we all desire to be recognized. So to be contacted out of the blue by a major network show is mind boggling. I’m still wondering what occurred to lead producers to learn about my site.

After reading the email I sent it to my husband who was still asleep at the time. When he got up to cut grass we had a 20 minute conversation about the opportunity.

When Wife Swap aired back in the day, I was excited about the how the show could teach husbands and wives to cherish each other more. I figured a week away from your spouse would either be a blessing or the longest two weeks of your life.

I believed the show could be a great facilitator in giving people a real world view of how Christians live behind closed doors.

However, after watching several episodes and seeing how crazy the editing made people look especially Christians. At that point we decided “Wife Swap” was not the best avenue for Christians to tell others about Jesus.

Although my husband and I had made our decision about the show early on, we still took a few minutes to revisit our initial decision…

because the chance to make $10,000 for two weeks worth of work doesn’t come along everyday.

After talking it over here are some of the things we came up with.

  • Money is not everything. The money wasn’t a big motivating factor for us. We are confident that if God wanted us to have $10,000 He wouldn’t provide it in away that could possibly damage our witness of faith and hurt those who look to us as mentors.

  • We sleep together. My husband and I have never slept apart for more than a day or two since we married almost 13 years ago. Two weeks would be hard on both of us. Also, many who commented on my Facebook page mentioned how inappropriate it would be under normal circumstances for a married woman to sleep in the home of another married man. I agree with my readers who pointed this out which is another reason why I decided it was not in my best interest to be on the show.

  • Protecting my children. Wife Swap is known for swapping wives with ones that have a total opposite belief system than theirs. While I have no fear of Satan, I’d rather not expose my children to Satanic influences. They are still growing in their faith so putting them in a situation where they’d have to defend what they believe against a seasoned Satanic worshiper would not be wise on my part as a parent.

  • Major Lifestyle Differences. I love my husband and there’s nothing I’d change about our roles as husband and wife but I know non Christians will agree with the Biblical roles we follow. I wouldn’t want another women putting my husband down because she disagrees with our lifestyle. I’m not a perfect and any women disrespecting my husband would make me lose my character. (I know my limitations)

  • Mocking the Gospel. Many of you mentioned this could be an opportunity to spread the gospel to a family and many families nationwide who do not know the true love of Christ. However, knowing that that is not the mission of the show’s producers I don’t think that being on the show would be the best use of my time and also my ministry. I am so glad that God has already blessed me with a place where I can share my family and share how we live on a day-to-day basis. I thank God that he has allowed me to share encouragement and inspirational stories about how I live as a Christian right here on aproverbswife.com. While I appreciate the opportunity to be on the show I do not believe that it is the platform in which God wants to use me to spread His gospel. He has already provided me with a platform to encourage wives and husbands toward living God focus marriages. I pray that one day I can reach a larger audience but for now I am more than blessed to be able to minister right where I am and to who God has sent to this blog. I thought about how many people would begin watching the show again or as a result of me being on it and that didn’t sit well with me. The show does not glorify Godly principles which we can tell just by the name. God is not interested in us swapping wives and at the end of the day, I can’t in good conscience be on a show that does not support Biblical values.

We discussed several other key points but these were some of the major reasons behind our decision to turn down the opportunity.

I am so grateful to God for a supportive husband. He carries that burden of financially providing for our family. I know $10,000 could really help, but I’m so glad he has strong faith. He not for a second was willing to compromise my witness as his wife and owner of this site, just for money.

I am also grateful for you all. You don’t know how much of an encouragement you are to me. You challenge me and make me strive to be better for God. He has given me this platform and I never want to make Him ashamed by steering you anywhere but to Him. Thanks you for all of your feedback and prayers on the subject.

If you want to join the discussion about the “Wife Swap” opportunity, join me on my Facebook page.

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