Women Need Rest Days

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

Your week rushes by filled with cooking, phone calls, emails, carpools, and endless cleaning.

Then comes Saturday. All of those pesky unfinished errands and yard work call your name, but that’s what Saturdays are for, right?

Weren’t Saturdays made for deep cleaning and grocery shopping?

“That’s ok,” you think to yourself. “I’ll rest tomorrow. All we have is church, and then I can rest.”

Then Sunday morning comes. You roll over and look at your phone.

“No! We slept in! Church is in less than an hour!”

You rush to wake up the kids, get everyone ready, and make sure they are all fed before heading out the door. Somehow your whole family manages to get to church only five minutes late.

“No problem. We’ll just sneak in and sit in the back.”

Church is lovely, other than the occasional growl from your stomach. You think, “I’m so hungry! I really need to get up earlier next week.”

On the way home, you drive by three fast food restaurants and finally stop at the fourth. Fast food has got to be less stressful than rushing to cook something at home with everyone waiting for lunch, right?

“At least I won’t have to clean up. I can just spend the rest of the day with my family,” you muse to yourself. “This is a good idea.”

Lunch is quickly gobbled up, and the kids lie down for their naps.

You sigh, “Thank you Lord for nap time,” as you head to your bed to also lie down, but then you see it. The laundry hamper is overflowing with your husband’s work clothes. Tomorrow is Monday!

No time for a nap now. Three loads of laundry later, you glance at the clock realizing that it is time to start cooking dinner.

Next thing you know dinner is over. The kids are in bed, and you finally sit down to rest. Your back is aching, and you look down at your phone… 10:23pm. It’s time for bed. As your head hits the pillow, one last thought flutters through your head.

“Where did the day go?”

Does this day sound at all familiar? Many of us plan for our Sundays to be days of rest, but how many really keep to that plan? It is hard! With two boys and a husband of my own, I will be the first to raise my hand and admit that I don’t remember the last Sunday that was truly a day of rest. What does a day of rest even look like?

According to Dictionary.com, rest is defined as “refreshing ease or inactivity after exertion or labor.”

As a mom and/or wife, weekdays are full of labor and exertion. It’s called responsibility! Work, whether out of the home or in, is part of life for everyone. That is why we need a day of rest. We need a day to recover and just enjoy being with our families.

Imagine an entire day devoted to rest. What would you do?

  • Have a peaceful family breakfast?
  • Take a nap cuddled up with your husband?
  • Sit on the couch reading a good book listening to your kids giggle and play in the background?
  • Watch a football game with your husband?
  • Have a family game night?

There are so many possibilities!

For some, the day of rest may not even be Sunday. Maybe you have to work on Sundays. That’s ok!

Your day of rest depends on you and your family. Pick a day that works for you! The most important thing is that you pick a day and just do it!

I know life can get busy as a wife and mom, but I promise if you just decide to take one day or even an hour to rest, you won’t regret it!

Try it this next week. Pick a day that works for your family and announce it. That’s right! Tell the kids and your husband so that they can hold you to it, and while you’re at it, post your planned day of rest below and one thing that you are going to do.

Now go! Get to planning!

If you are struggling with balancing it all I want to pray for you. You are not alone and I’m sure any of the people reading can attest to that. If you’d like to be added to the APW Community prayer list, simply leave your request in the comments below.

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