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HOTSPEX is OPEN Today – Easy Extra Money for Moms and Students!!

I totally forgot to tell you about the panel that opened availability yesterday.

If you are into taking surveys ans are looking for another legitimate company to join, Hotspex has open registration and it’s easy to sign up.

Once you are registered you will need to confirm your account through the email you’ll receive from HotSpex.

If you are out of work, a stay at home parent, a student or just need to some extra cash, take a look at my list of the Top Market Research and Survey Panels for October 2012.

By taking a few surveys each week you can earn an EXTRA $50 – $200 this month!! 

From time to time I try to recommend some resources I’ve used to earn extra money. Surveys we’re a big part of what I used to pay off my consumer debt. Hubby worked an extra job for 5 years and I took surveys.

I hope this information helps.

With Hotspex you can;

  • Earn reward points for taking surveys
  • Trade in reward points for gift cards and prizes
  • Donate to your favorite charities

The Amazon Gift Cards or PayPal Cash Out Chart.

The minimum dollar amount available for an Amazon Gift Card is $10.00. There are three (3) different increment amounts available:

1100 bux for a $10 gift certificate
1650 bux for a $15 gift certificate
2200 bux for a $20 gift certificate

The minimum dollar amount available for a PayPal funds is $25.00. There are two (2) different increment amounts available:

2750 bux for a $25 payment
4400 bux for a $40 payment

Here are the most recent survey topics, compensation and estimated time to complete:

‘Fun Toys’ — 150 BUX & 1 Bonus Wheel / 12-15 minutes

‘Packaging’ — 200 BUX & 1 Bonus Wheel / 15-20 minutes

‘New products’ — 200 BUX & 1 Bonus Wheel / 15-20 minutes

‘Breakfast’ — 300 BUX & 1 Bonus Wheel / 25-30 minutes

As you can see from the survey amount, it can take as little as 3 surveys for you to earn a $10 Amazon gift card, but you’ll need to take at least 5 before your first cash out.

Sign up HERE.


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