7 Ways Pray for Your Husband

7 Ways to Pray for Your Husband

Let’s discuss the power of prayer, especially for husbands.

I believe you have to cultivate your time of prayer in order to know what’s on our Father’s heart. Let’s start by defining the word.

Prayer, by Webster’s dictionary, is a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God. It is communication between God and man. Prayer is believing in something bigger than yourself.

In Hebrew the word pray is palal, which is the parent root of fall. Literally meaning to fall down to the ground in the presence of one in authority, pleading the cause.

Think about this for a moment.

Do you fall down to the ground in the presence of God in an expression of thanks?

Let us come into His presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise Psalm 95:2

Now that you know the definition of prayer, let’s talk about the power of prayer. There was a season in my life where I could tell you I prayed every day, but I couldn’t tell you anything about the power of prayer.

When my husband wasn’t a believer, I laid hands upon him every single night, begging God for his salvation. I know it wasn’t up to me to save him.

I prayed for years.

I would see glimpses of the man he was in Christ, but still he would turn back to his old ways. One night while praying, God gave me the following verse.

 The Lord will fight for you; you need to only be still. Exodus 14:14

I look back to that season and God really taught me what it meant to be still and KNOW that He was God.

Beloved, I want you to know that if you’re praying about something and He doesn’t answer you right away, He’s got something better than you could imagine.

If you’re struggling with your prayer life, know that the peace of Christ is within you. We are called to live within that peace.

We are not to be anxious. Christ is in you, the hope of Glory!

In conclusion, my husband did come to know the Lord, but not in my timing. It was an example of the power of prayer. All of the heart ache, pain, and tears were exchanged for one moment of joy.

One soul had been saved. And now when I look at my husband, I see the fruit of the spirit. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness all wrapped up in one man…Sent by God to be my earthly example of His mighty love.

7 Ways to Pray for your Husband

1. Pray for his relationship with God.

2. Pray for his heart. That God would begin to break down walls and clean house for the Holy Spirit to live.

3. Pray for his day. That God would send the Holy Spirit to the places where his feet would travel and set up divine encounters with Godly people.

4. Pray for the men in his life. Pray that they would build him up, encourage him, and point him to the gospel.

5. Pray for his business. Pray that He would make wise decision that would honor God and point his colleagues to Jesus.

6. Pray that God would put it in his heart to romance you, encourage you, and build you up.

7. Pray that the fruit of his life would be evidence of the God who rules over it.

If you would like to receive prayer, please leave a comment below and we will pray over it. Also, please share your experiences or comments because we are all women of prayer and can encourage one another.


  1. Emily says

    First, I want to say that this has been so encouraging, seeing that I am not the only one struggling with this, as I sat on my couch and poured out to Gd last night for my husband. We’ve been a couple for 12 years, married for almost 11. Before we were married, Gd told me he would be a strong man of Gd. 12 years later, I still lay in bed at night with my hand on him, begging Gd for his salvation. I was beginning to get discouraged that after all this time, he still has no use for church or Gd, aside from the simple admittance that he knows there is a God. Some days, I think he is turning his life over to Him, others I think he has lost it. He’s always drank a lot on the weekends, and most times when he does drink, he will get angry and start arguments for no reason whatsoever. Last night was no different. No, he never hurts me, but his words hurt, and I know he won’t always remember it the next day. Please pray for Mike, that he will give his life to the Lrd and be our family’s spiritual leader.

  2. Huma Bhatti says

    Please pray for me and my husband. We have been trying to convince since 2 years. Pls pray that 2016 may be my year of motherhood. Amen.

  3. Tonya Basham says

    I need prayer for our marriage. The devil is so great at being a t spirit of laziness and rebellion into our home. I rebuke it and still it creeps in. Our marriage is not were it should be and we need the healing hand of God to enter right now in the name of Jesus! God has a plan for us and we will not be able to complete it like this…

  4. Dora Ramos says

    I ask for prayers for my marriage. Me and my husband have been married for 4 yrs but have been in a relationship for 15 yrs. At this point of our marriage I don’t know what God’s plans are for us. Recently I’ve decided to make alot of changes in my life & put God first because I want doing that. Our relationship has always been rocky but only good knows why we’re still together. It seems like the close I’ve have gotten to God the more distant I feel from my marriage. My husband was brought up in a Jehovas witness home and is not open my Christian up bringing. It is very hard staying in this marriage at times. I’ve been praying and fasting for our first baby and i know God says ask and you shall receive. I just pray to God and ask him to remove anyone and anything that’s trying to keep me from being closer to Him. I’m asking for prayers and I will pray for every woman that’s going through similar tribulations as I am. I know God’s plans are bigger and greater than what we want. God bless♡ José & Dora Ramos ♡

  5. says

    Hello. Please continue praying with me for my husband Louis. Yesterday was our anniversary and he did not acknowledge me at all and I’m really torn up about it as this is our 2nd year of marriage. I was contemplating divorce but I know that I won’t have any peace if I leave him right now. Please pray that I forgive. I have been crying my eyes out for two days now from this heartbreaking experience. Thanks so much GOD bless all the prayer warriors!!

  6. says

    Thank you so much for these prayer tips. I am currently experiencing this same thing with my husband not being saved. This has really given me hope that GOD can and will save him. I give GOD glory for this moment. Please pray for my husband he is currently running from the law. But I believe that all this is for him to be in a place where GOD can speak to his heart and minister to his soul. Thank you again I look forward to hearing from you GOD bless.

  7. angie says

    My husband is deployed, and I recently caught him with personal ads and talking with other women. He now wants a divorce and doesn’t t know if he loves me anymore. We have been married for only 3 years, he’s been deployed for most of it. He has issues such as ocd, anxiety, and major anger, as well as alcoholism.I love this man, I will not give up, I’m praying that God will reach him and show his face to him. This is in sickness and in health. I do not want a divorce. But he is avoiding me, clearly has no feelings toward me at the moment, and gets annoyed if I want to talk about the state of our marriage. I do not know what to do. Every once in a while I start to feel like it would be easier to divorce him. We still have 8 months left in this deployment. I would love and be appreciative of as much prayer as possible. Thank you.

    • says

      @angie, I’m praying for you. What has God been saying to you in your private prayer and Bible study time? Write it down and continue to bring your marriage before God and ask for His divine intervention and be willing to follow.

  8. Jessica says

    Currently my husband is dealing with the loss of his father. While I know he loves me, he is having trouble coping with grief and our relationship is suffering. This post was definitely for me. I must continue to pray AND be still. I must hold my tongue and let God work. The more I talk the worse it gets. This is an area of struggle for me. While things may not return to “normal” I just want him to know that I love him and support him AND he can talk to me when he needs.

  9. Elena says

    Please pray for me and my husband we are struggling in our marriage.. I want to be a good proverbs wife and want to work and help out financially. I know by not helping out in some of our home affairs has caused him to be distant with me. I try and be the support and good homemaker wife but sometimes his attitude sets me back and i put myself in a zone.. I put things on hold until i feel like doing it and not on his terms.. which upsets him.. we dont communicate like we use too.. with openness and honesty.. Instead of resolving issues his anger takes the best of him.. I love my husband and hes a hard working man that provides for us and handles are finances… i just want to be that good proverbs wife to him.. so he knows i care..

  10. Kris says

    Please pray for my marriage, my husband and for me. We’ve been married ten years. He had five kids and I had none. Second marriage for him, first for me. Things did not go well. We started sleeping apart. Many troubles with the kids. We both did things wrong but he concentrates on mine and won’t forgive. Could tell you so much more. He’s in a second affair. I love him so much and just want us to come together and work on us. He didn’t even try. He says we’re friends. This is killing me and harming myself is on my mind. I need major prayers. Would love to find someone to talk to.

  11. Reeshemah says

    Please pray for my marriage to be strengthened and restored to the fulfilling relationship God intended with Him as the center. Also, that my husband would turn his heart back to God. Thank you.

  12. Stacy says

    Pls pray for my husband’s salvation. That the scales would be dropped from his eyes to see the truth about his choices. Pls pray for our reconciliation

  13. Rene says

    Good afternoon please pray with and for my relationship with God and my husband nick to be all that God would have them to be. That my business would get off the ground. My ministry would be all that God wants it to be reaching the people of his kingdom to the fullest.

    • Sandra says

      @Nicole Sessions, I’m praying with you. Need prayers for mine too as my husband is actively seeing other women and has filed for divorce after 24 years of marriage. I feel that God has turned a deaf ear to my prayers. All I want is to be with my husband and grow old together.

  14. Crystal Fredrickson says

    I have been walking the walk with my children for several years with out my husband involved seems to be getting harder and harder. His name is Josh. He thinks we are just crazy. I am very involved in my church and pray for that Godly man to stand beside to walk with him at every point in our life. Seems we are drifting further apart

  15. Lori says

    I am going through the EXACT same scenario right now! My husband had an emotional affair with a woman that he works with on a daily basis. We are trying to work through and restore our marriage. I will definitely be in prayer for you and your husband and I would appreciate your prayers as well! Through Christ ALL things are possible!!!

      • Erica says

        It gets easier day by day. My husband has shown each and everyday that he would / will do whatever it takes to restore my trust in him. I’m unsure if he even knows what /how this happened !? I still have days of hurt and I still cry out. The best advice I can give (from my Christian counselor’s mouth) is to communicate. Communicate your hurt, your worry. Don’t badger and degrade, but it is acceptable to say I’m hurting and although you are doing everything right… My hurt hurts for the wrong that happened. It took 2 to get to where you are BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN HE IS EXCUSED! We all have choices each day. Our husbands chose to put their energy in another instead of rectifying the wrong in our marriages. As long as 100% openness is agreed upon … With God’s strength, all things are possible.

  16. jenny says

    When I married my husband I was Catholic and he would attend a non denominational church. He told me he would maybe step foot in a Catholic church so I said ok as long as we attend a church together and we attended his. We, lasted about a yr on and off. Now it’s mainly me at church with our kids. I pray for him and continue to desire to be the couple that attends together, worships together and gives back to our church together. There are times I feel its never gonna happen. Thank you for the encouragement and reminding me that its all in the Lords timing. God bless



  18. Erica says

    Prayers for my husband and I as we restore our marriage. Prayers that my husband will honor me and cherish me above all other women. Prayers that he will call on God to guide his life and actions. Prayers that I will be the godly wife that my husband needs. Prayers for our strength and focus to put God first and one another next! We need uplifting now in the aftermath of his emotional affair. I need prayers for my self esteem and healing my heart as we move forward.

    • Lori says

      I am going through the EXACT same scenario right now! My husband had an emotional affair with a woman that he works with on a daily basis. We are trying to work through and restore our marriage. I will definitely be in prayer for you and your husband and I would appreciate your prayers as well! Through Christ ALL things are possible!!!

  19. Erica says

    Prayers for my husband and I as we restore our marriage with God at the center. Prayers that my husband will continue to grow in his walk with Christ and that my husband will honor me am cherish me above all other women. Prayers that I will be the godly wife that my husband needs!

  20. Erica says

    Prayers for my husband and I as we work to restore our marriage. Prayers that God will continue to build up my husband’s heart, prayers my husband will continue to grow in his walk with God and prayers my husband will honor and cherish me above all other women and love me like God intends. Prayers I will be the godly wife That my husband needs.

  21. mae says

    Hi. Please pray for my husband that he would return to us. Please help me pray that my marriage will be restored. Please pray for my husband that the pain, anger, rage that he is going through right will be replace with love, faith and hope. Please pray for me that my marriage and family will be restored. Thank you 🙂

  22. says

    Praying for you Amy. I’ve dealt with addictions in my marriage. That was the hardest part. The struggle for me was, I always wanted to fix my husband. I think it’s a great idea to see a marriage counselor. My husband went once for me, but I continued going. It helped me figure out a lot. My son witnessed a lot of behavior from his dad. I had to explain things early because he began to ask questions. I will be praying over you and your family. If you need an ear to listen, I am here. My personal email is Kimberly.villasenor@hotmail.com, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.

  23. TG says

    “I would see glimpses of the man he was in Christ, but still he would turn back to his old ways.”
    This sentence alone describes what I’ve been going through for the 24 yrs that I have been married. I have spent hours upon hours over the years, praying for my husband. I am so very exhausted, with things having taken a recent new turn downward. The level of discouragement that I’m experiencing is simply overwhelming.
    I SO very much needed to read this today. Thank you for being a light for Him, during a time when the dark clouds feel mighty low. God bless you.

    • says

      Hi TG,
      Thank you for reading (: I will continue to pray for you & your husband. It can get exhausting praying over and over. There were times where I would just lie in the floor crying, Oh God. Please be encouraged! I remember also praying for a gentle and quiet spirit. You can thrive in your relationship! Sending prayers of hope your way (:

  24. Beth says

    Great post. I am very new to God & prayer. I need to learn how to pray effectively. If anyone wants to say an extra prayer for me and/or my husband Vic- please do so!

    I enjoy the encouragement I find on this page; thanks.

  25. Jennifer Loza says

    Everything you have said speaks words to me! I feel as if I am walking in your shoes! Please help me pray for my husband, I am believing for his FULL salvation and not just the things he is willing to give to God. Thank you so much for your article it is definitely very encouraging to my spirit! Thanks so much again! God bless.

  26. Jennifer Loza says

    Hi Kim, I have to say everything you have said has hit me straight in the heart. I am currently going through what you went through. And I have recently just started to pray for my husband. I also can see what my husband is capable of becoming, and then his old habits would creep back up. But if you could please come in agreement with me I would really appreciate it!!! Thanks again for your very much encouraging article!! I will definitely put this to use! Thanks again and God Bless!

    • says

      @Jennifer Loza,
      Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you so much for reading. I will be coming alongside and lifting your husband up. I know this battle is extremely difficult, filled with ups and downs. Remember to celebrate the victories and encourage every step of the way. Please keep me updated!

  27. Jessica says

    Please pay for my husband Randy and my family. My husband is in a transitional living facility for substance abuse. I am also seeing a Christian counselor to heal from past damage. My husband believes in Christ as I do but is struggling with living in the word and surrendering completely. We have 3 boys and 2 of them have handicaps on the autism spectrum. Please pray for our family as I know only God can help us through all this….I want more than anything for Randy to be able to lead this family as a family around the cross.

    • says

      Hi Jessica,
      Thank you for reading and I will be praying for your family daily. God can and will help you all through this trail. I am so proud of you for keeping the faith! Your strength is amazing to me!! Please keep me updated.

  28. Shauna says

    I too could use prayer for my marriage. My 10 yrs anniversary is the 10th of May and he began sleeping with another woman April 28th of this month. I just found out last night. We have been separated for a week now. I am trying so hard to give it to God and let him deal with him, but my mind will not stop wondering. I’ve prayed for a long time for his salvation. He does know who God is and believes, he just can’t seem to allow God to forgive him of his horrible past and childhood. We have a 10 yr old daughter and this is tearing her apart. Please pay for God’s will to be done, whatever that may be.

    Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Shauna,
      Thank you for your openness and for reading. My heart is breaking for your family. I cannot imagine your pain and the heartache you’re going through. I know that God is in control of everything. Praying for wisdom for you, protection for you & your daughter, and freedom from your husband’s past. Encourage your husband to find a man who can encourage and build him up. I know from my experience that letting the past go is so difficult. Praying for those chains to be released and for restoration to begin. Please let me know how you all are doing. I’ll continue to pray for you everyday!

  29. LoraLin says

    Hi Kimberly,
    Thank you for the encouraging message and the helpful tips. I have been married for almost 15 years. He is a believer and a great husband. He had a rough childhood and have parents who weren’t very understanding, therefore he has a lot of hurt and unforgiveness towards them. I think that he tries to be everything that his father is not. However, I pray that he will really try to seek The Lord for guidance as to how to be the father he wants to be. He doesn’t have close believing guy friends who he can be vulnerable with and encourage him in His walk. I feel whenever I bring something up regarding how we can be more Christ-centered, I become the nagging wife. I am currently going through health issues and that has take a huge toll on my health and stress on him. He feels that he can do everything on his own. Please pray that he will be able to just humble himself and cast his burdens to The Lord.

    • says

      Hi Loralin,
      Thank you so much for reading and being open with me. Your words touch my heart. My husband also had a rough childhood and so I can relate. Instead of bringing anything up, just encourage him and thank him for everything he has been doing. I know at one point, I seriously became a nagging wife. But when I learned how to surrender to the Lord, I began to exchange my nagging for words of affirmation. I will be praying for your health issues and praying that he is able to fully surrender to the Lord. I pray that he is able to be the father and husband that the Lord created him to be. Please keep me updated!

  30. says

    I will be interceding for you Sandra. I will be praying over his heart! It sounds like you’re doing a great job of surrendering everything to the Lord. Praying for a supernatural rest and peace to come upon you.

    • Sandra says

      The words I don’t love you, won’t love you, don’t want and I’m filing for divorce play like a record player on repeat. I’m so broken. I’ve asked him to love me as a Christiam husband and to let me love us enough to get us through this and he continues to echoe the words that haunt me. He’s the only man I’ve ever loved and that has ever loved me. He accepted me knowing I was broken due to sexual, physical and emotional abuse as a child, but when he couldn’t fix me he discarded me like trash, leaving me more broken than when he found me. He says he’s a God fearing Christian man that loves The Lord with all his heart. His mom always told me I needed to learn unconditional love like she taught her sons, but I guess they don’t have to love me unconditionally anymore since he left. I love him with all that’s in me. His email is brentelrod@comcast.net and belrod@bdo.com. He needs good Christian men to speak truth of Gods will for restoration instead if the current path.

      • says

        Hi Sandra,

        I have not been able to log on for a while, so I apologize for the late response. My heart is literally breaking with yours. I am so so sorry your husband didn’t stay. You are worth fighting for and worth loving! Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise! You are not trash, and I rebuke that thought ever coming in. I can tell just from reading your comment that you love him so much. Praying for God to fill you with love, joy and peace beyond understanding. Praying that you receive clarity about your situation. God is in control and reigns over everything. I believe and pray God will work everything out for your good! He has a plan and a purpose for your life! Keep staying strong (: Also praying for God’s supernatural strength to wash over you! Please keep me updated.. and feel free to email at Kimberly.villasenor@hotmail.com, if you ever just need to talk. Hope to hear from you soon!

  31. Sandra says

    My husband left me in Sep and sent a dear John email weeks later. Our 24th anniversary is is next Thurs. I’ve begged, pleaded, weeped to no avail. He says my tears and anguish have no affect on him. I’m praying or a miracle but feel
    So discouraged. He says he’s filing for divorce. Please pray for restoration of his heart to Hid a s to our marriage and me. He says he is walking in Gods will and is at peace with his decision to leave and begin seeing other women and other extra curricular activities.

  32. Lori says

    Please pray for me, that I may be patient and loving toward my husband who no longer wants our marriage. I’m trying to give it to God and wait for Him but I’m not doing a great job at that. Please pray that I don’t give up and walk away. Thank you.

    • Vanessa says

      @ Lori: Keep praying! Prayer moves mountains!! Make your heart known to your husband, that u love him & want to stay together but don’t beg him to stay. Only God can change his heart. Is he a believer? If not, #1 is pray for his.salvation. I have a sister in the Lord whose husband left her for another woman and FOUR YEARS later, they reconciled. It is an amazing testimony. With God, all things are possible. Make HIM your strength& refuge. Not your husband. Remember, “For your Maker is your husband. The LORD of hosts is His name.” Isaiah 54:5 and HE will never leave you nor forsake you! Keep reading the bible!

      • Lori says

        @Vanessa, Yes, my husband is a believer in God but doesn’t believe our marriage can be restored. I won’t stop praying, I just get discouraged when I think about the possibility of a loveless marriage for the rest of my life. I’m trying to learn that I can only rely on God and not trust my feelings. Thank you for your encouraging story of your friend who reconciled after so much time. That gives me hope. Thank you.

  33. Kimberly Barnwell says

    Please pray for my marriage. Me and my husband have been at each others throats for weeks now. Please lift us up to the thrown room. That we both humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God. That we learn gentleness with one another. That we learn to remain silent whenever necessary. Thank you!

  34. Sandra says

    My husband left me Sep 26th and headed for TX where he began a new life and identity without me. A few weeks after he got there he send me a dear John email. 24 years of marriage meant nothing else to him. I’m struggling to believe Gods word right now and feel lonely and hopeless.

  35. kimberly says

    We have been married for 6 years and he has worked nights the majority. I hate him leaving me at night and have prayed so hard for him to get day shift. He signed a new job thinking he could get days faster but now he works with a young single girl by themselves every night. Its a factory and that bothers me. He has been saved but hasn’t really matured as a Christian should. I trust him but I know what can happen. Just really bothers me a lot.

  36. Jordan says

    My husband and I are currently separated and getting a divorce. I don’t want this divorce. My husband turned his back on God and decided drinking and having a girlfriend were more important than me and our marriage. We need alot of prayers for his walk with God!!

    • says

      Hi Jordan,
      My heart is breaking for you. I am so so sorry for everything you are going through. Please remember to stand strong. Jesus will never leave or forsake you. Praying for you!

  37. Amy says

    Please pray for my husband of 15 years and I. We are going through some financial issues, and instead of building each other up and leaning on one another, he is tearing me down (it’s all my fault, etc). He is losing his temper A LOT, effecting the entire household, and breaking our property. I cannot take much more. He “believes” but doesn’t BELIEVE.

    • says

      Hi Amy,
      Thank you for reading and sharing. I will be praying for you daily. Financial issues in marriage are tough. It creates stress and anxiety in the relationship. And I pray directly that peace will enter your storm. I pray for stress to decrease and for unity to be in and among your family members. Please keep me updated on everything.

  38. says

    @Beth Davis,
    Hi Beth, thank you for your openness & for reading. I think the biggest change God made was in me. I had to learn how to depend on The Lord. I had to learn to be content and encourage my husband. My husband works a lot, although he doesn’t travel. I had a lot of anger for a while. But The Lord slowly began the process of softening my heart. It’s a process. Some days are still hard, but I learned to lean on God. Have a specific time each day you spend with The Lord. Sometimes I read the word, a devotional, or sometimes I just worship. It makes your day go better. Pray for other women to come alongside of you to encourage you & pray for you daily. Please keep me updated and know that I’ll be praying for you!

  39. Beth Davis says

    I thank God and you for posting this. My husband of 16 yrs is a Christian. A few months ago he excepted a job ( against my wishes, that requires him to travel frequently, in and out if the country) Although he is now in a job that he loves, he also exposes himself more to the ways of the world. In doing so it has created a situation where Dad (we have three children) and Husband are not home that much. I have turned bitter, resentful, and untrusting…..this is creating a situation of the “nagging wife” syndrome. I feel like a single mom who is losing her husband, partly due to me driving him away, but also due to his selfishness. I am starting to get extremely depressed and cry all the time, which does my children no good and makes my husband question me as a mother and a wife. He says that I am a product of continous men in my past, starting with my father, who have abandoned me and now he is stuck with their product. He has to live with me, not them. At this point all I can do is change my insecure selfs ways. Please help me in prayer and or any suggestions…

  40. Tabi J says

    I returned to school to get my teaching degree in early childhood education and to get off of SSI for good. Even though I am in classes Mondays-Fridays and have homework in those classes, my husband is being very lazy and REFUSES to help out with cleaning unless I am in the room supervising him and prefers to spend his days sleeping, watching TV, and playing video games (I swear that the Xbox 360 system and games is being his god). He is applying for employment, but he views any money that he earns as “it is my money and I can do anything with it,” it may be “his money” if he was not married, but since he is married, he still has to learn that it is “OUR MONEY.” Just needs prayers for someway to get the “your wife needs your help with the household and start being a man instead of a boy” message. Also, he is not saved, so he also needs prayers for him to be saved.

  41. Amy says

    Thank you. My church did a week fast and the last night was night of worship. God spoke to me. He said daughter lift your head, see the heavens are opening. God gave me a dream about a month ago. I was in the forrest with my husand and son. We were in a storm, I saw the lightning really close and I was scared. Then we came up to a pavillion shelter and a woman was telling us to rest untill the stom passed. I wanted to stay, but Chris said no. He said we could make it. I was hesitant but I went and trusted God to keep us saft. I was praying in the Spirit and I looked up to see the heavens open ane the storm stop!

    • Amy says

      @Kimberly, I am at my breaking point with my husband. He keeps going back and forth from drinking and pot. We were in the car the other day and he wanted to get out and punch the guy behind us because he honked. My son was in the car watching his behavior. I want to seperate from him. I am setting an appointment with a marriage counselor next week. I am waiting to see what God wants me to do. I don’t want a divorce, I love him very much. I feel he needs time alone to figure out what is going on inside him and to work out his problems. Praying for wisdom and where God want me.

  42. Amy says

    Please pray for my husband. He is not a beliver yet. I know God has showed me he will recieve Jesus. I pray that Godly men will enter into his life and share Jeus with him. That God will change his heart. That he would be on fire for God and save many souls. His name is Chris.

  43. T.B. says

    My husband and I have been together for 22 years and even though we are Christians we never had a Christian marriage. He asked me for a separation on dec 26 and I agreed. I have dedicated my life again to Jesus and growing for me and my kids. My husband doesn’t want to come back to us. I believe that there is a chance still if he heart would be softened by Jesus and the power of prayer. Please pray for my healing and that my husband’s heart and mind can be softened to realize that Jesus can make our marriage a beautiful thing!

    • Sandra says

      Sandra : My husband of 24 years left me. We’ve been together 26 years in total. Says his heart has only distain for me…

  44. Karri says

    This sounds just like my story with my husband…..I kept praying for God to save him & a mentor reminded me it’s on God’s time not mine…well, after 10 years of waiting & praying, my husband got saved on his own without me nagging or even asking him to accept Jesus! This was two years ago, & please pray that he stays grounded in his Christianity…..I’m scared he’s going to turn back to his old ways…..I guess I need prayer too, to trust our heavenly father…
    Thank you for this post!!

  45. Elise says

    Please pray for my husband. Our relationship as husband and wife, parents, and as a family. We are a young married couple of 19 and are expecting our first born this month. Thank you 🙂

  46. says

    Amie, I’ll be praying over your & your marriage daily. Remember, one day at a time. Try praying the Armor of God over yourself (Ephesians 6). Hold tightly to the Peace that Jesus offers!

  47. Amie says

    My husband, Timothy. We met and married when I had backslidden. However, God did not leave me where I was. He drew me back to himself (thank you Father!!!!. My husband cannot stand the fact that I am so “Jesusy”. He has said he would have never married me had he known that. He has told me that he does not appreciate walking in and catching me praying or worshipping the Lord because it makes his home like a church. He says that it bothers him that I cannot just be content to go to church on Sunday and leave it at that, if I would just being so involved with this “church stuff” our marriage would be better. He also has an alcohol addiction that he is not ready to deal with. He says he is a believer, yet there is a very strong lack of fruit in his life. Please pray for him!!! Also, please pray for me to have my roots planted so deep in Christ Jesus that I will not give in just to make him “happy” and make life “easier” (I am being a bit sarcastic because I know if I did make that choice the opposite would be true). I am more than a conqueror in Christ!!!!

  48. Susan Robinson says

    For Steve. Healing, deliverance , he is a work in progress currently he is sick due to cystic fibrosis has lost 5 lbs in 5 days also fatigue & depression. B/c he can’t do what he wants to do ( usually very active ) & that he would. TAKE ALL HIS MEDS THE WAY THE DR ORDERED HIM TO.. That will help a lot. .

  49. says

    Hi, Emma. I will be praying for you. You aren’t alone in your struggle. I agree with The Proverbs Wife, be patient with him. God will start to move his heart. With my husband, it started very slowly. He had to take his time and figure out who God was for himself. You are making a bigger impact than what you’re aware of. Keep praying for God to move in his heart and for fruit to grow. Please check out my other post, “How to Thrive in an Unequally Yoked Marriage”, as I think it will provide encouragement. Keep me updated (:

  50. Emma says

    Hi. I would like prayer for both me and my husband. I was saved as a child but became very backsliden. Went years with out reading my bible or going to church. God has blessed us with 4 beautiful children. One day my son started asking question about God and heaven and it was my wake up call that I wasn’t doing my part to rear our children in The Lord. I have started going to church and praying with my kids. I just really wish my husband would join me. It’s a battle with out him on the same page as me. He is a good man and says he knows Christ but I want our family to go together to church and pray together. Thank you in advance for prayer.

    • The Proverbs Wife says

      I will lift you up in prayer. I am so happy that you’ve become more intentional about your faith and that salvation of your children. I’m sure your husband will see that value in raising his children for the Lord. Be patient with him, prayerful and wait on God to move his heart.

  51. says

    Vanessa, I understand exactly what you are feeling. I’ve struggled with depression and insecurity for years..I think the thing that has kept me going is that God uses the messes in our lives to bring others into His glory. The enemy pokes and probes any area in our life where we are feeling weak. Also, something that has really helped me is whenever I feel a lie coming in, I counteract it with truth. For example, if he’s telling you that your relationship isn’t going to work, You say YES it is because I serve the God of hope. If he’s implying some insecurity issue, you counteract it with God thinks I’m beautiful. I have place index cards all around my home with different scriptures about beauty, wisdom, anything that keeps me going. Also, place them around your bed and write on your bathroom mirror with an expo marker.. Which ever verse God is speaking to you through. That way, it’s the first thing you see everyday.

    Some days will be good, others will be hard and that is normal. But know that God has a great plan for your life and that the enemy only comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I’m praying for you everyday. What is your email address and I’ll get some scriptures together and email you some. I’ll also go through my books and let you know which ones helped me. My email is kimberly.villasenor@hotmail.com.
    You don’t have to fight this battle alone! Be strong in the Lord and remember one day at a time (:

    • Vanessa says

      Wow, thank you so much Kimberly! That was so encouraging and exactly what I needed to hear. It’s definitely a battle, that’s for sure. The enemy has used this situation to try to completely mentally & emotionally destroy me. But I know God’s purpose in this is going to ultimately prevail over the schemes of the devil. I’m just waiting on the Lord, waiting out this storm..my only joy in it is seeing Ricardo’s continued boldness for God & his excitement about the Lord. He keeps getting in trouble at work cuz he’s constantly on his phone on the blue light bible app. I still can hardly believe he’s saved & I’m so thankful to God, its just a really tough test for me, all the circumstances surrounding his coversion but I know the Lord is working through it…thank you so much for your encouragement. It means so much to me. My email is Vvosburgh07@ yahoo.com. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    • Vanessa says

      Hi Kimberly, thank you so much for your prayers. I am struggling, to be honest. I’m struggling with depression, insecurity, fear of being hurt again, etc. I’m continuing in prayer & bible reading every day, whether I feel like it or not, but It’s definitely a spiritual battle. I’m just waiting on the Lord for my heart to be completely healed. Ricardo, on the other hand, is doing amazing. He is completely on fire for Christ. Reading the word & praying daily & sharing Christ with others. The joy & peace he has is in stark contrast to the depressed & anxious Ricardo I used to know. I know his salvation is what I was praying for for 5 years but the joy I should be feeling is kind of being eclipsed by the sadness I feel over the circumstances that led him to the Lord…I’m just still really sad. It’s hard. Please keep me in prayer. I know the enemy wants to destroy me emotionally with this so I am doing my best to stand firm in the Lord.

  52. Elaine Rivera says

    Thanks again, Kimberly. I was on my mobile phone before and I didn’t think my previous posts got through because it said there was an error and then that my comment was awaiting moderation. I’m glad I didn’t post a third time;I only now saw that my posts went through now that I’m on my computer.
    I will email you and I am appreciative of your help.

  53. Kimberly says

    You’re so welcome. Those are great verses! Praise God He makes beauty of all of life’s messes. He is faithful and I know He’ll heal your heart. Please keep in touch and feel free to email me anytime. I would love to hear updates (:

  54. Kimberly says

    @Elaine Rivera,
    Praying that the peace of God rules within your household, Elaine. Pray for his heart continually. Is there someone close that you can personally confine in? Please feel free to email me anytime. I will be continually praying over you and your husband.

    • Elaine Rivera says

      Thank you, Kimberly. It means everything to me that I am being prayed for. I do have Christian woman friends and just recently I was hurt by one of them. Something that struck me in your testimony was that you would see glimpses in your husband of the man he could be in Christ. I have seen the same thing in my husband but it is short lived also. I know that God can see the man he could be. The money thing is really a stronghold. Where can I email you privately?

    • Elaine Rivera says

      Thank you, Kimberly. I was trying to answer but there seemed to be a glitch, so I am trying again. I do have Christian women friends; sadly I was just hurt by one of them which I am trying to get over right now. Prayer for that would be appreciated also. The money thing is a real stronghold on my husband. It is a known thing in his family from even before we were together. Is there a way I can email you without it being posted?

  55. Elaine Rivera says

    Please pray for my marriage and situation. Two years ago I was laid off of a job I had for eleven years. My husband is older and his retirement income is enough to sustain us but money is his god and it bothers him that I am not working. My unemployment benefits have run out so he is even more upset. I am not ever able to have a discussion about finances with him, he just blows up. I know that he hides money from me. Now I am having health problems and even had to be hospitalized without having health insurance. He used to serve as an usher at church but I have never been convinced he is saved . He definitely does not exhibit the fruit of the Spirit.

  56. Kimberly says

    Thank you for your openess about your relationship. My husband was also raised Catholic, so I know what ya mean. It warms my heart to know that Ricardo has been won for Christ! Your relationship is a true example of Christ’s love and His example of restoration. Keep praying Vanessa, you’re moving mountains. I will be continually praying over you and Ricardo.

    • Vanessa says

      Thank you so much Kimberly,
      We need all the prayer we can get since betrayal is such a hard thing to overcome but two verses that the Lord spoke to my heart early in this difficult season were,”With God all things are possible” and “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing. Now it shall spring forth. Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and streams in the desert>” Isaiah 43:18.
      No matter how bad it hurts, I just have to continue to wait on the Lord and remember that He is the God of healing, restoration, reconciliation. He brings beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning. Thank you so much for your encouraging response! I need all the support from godly women that I can find!

  57. Vanessa says

    I have a similar experience in that I was backslidin & unequally yolked for 5 years yet faithfully prayed for the salvation of my fiance even more fervently during the past year. He was raised Catholic & always maintained that he believed in Jesus yet wasn’t ready to surrender his life. He always thought he was a “good person” because he’d never drank, smoked, done a drug or cussed in his life. He had a lot of pride. This June I found out he’d been having a relationship with another woman that he’d met at work for close to a year. Things blew up to say the least but I saw him broken & humbled over his sin for the first time in his life. At church that Sunday, he stood up to accept Christ witears streaming down his face. At first I thought he was only doing it to keep my but over the last 5 months I’ve seen so much fruit, I can’t deny he’s been born-again. He’s obsessed with the Lord, reading the word, going to church/ bible studies & I’ve received confirmation from the Lord that he is the one for me. Yet it is SO HARD to forgive & let go of the anger/bitterness/resentment, etc. And mainly just being heart-broken that the “fairy tale” I thought I had has been shattered. But at the same time, I don’t think he er would’ve got saved if this never happened. And the boldness he has for Christ is amazing. Everyday he can’t wait to tell me about a new person he shared Christ with & he used to be the most shy quiet person on earth! Please keep us in prayer! His name is Ricardo.


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