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Del Monte Fruit Cups | the #SmartSnack for Busy Moms

Del Monte | Walmart | Apples| Pears| Healthy Snack

Del Monte fruit cups | Walmart | Apples| Pears| Healthy Snack

When planning my menu each week, I include snacks for myself and snacks for my kids.

Sometimes they are homemade and sometimes store bought.  It can be something as simple as chips with dip, pudding or as elaborate as a fruit and veggie tray.

How I decide what snack will make it on the menu depends on my schedule. For instance, this week will be a busy one in preparation for Thanksgiving.

I will be too busy cooking to make homemade snacks which is why I’ve partnered with Del Monte and Walmart to try their new Del Monte Diced Apples & Pears with Caramel Flavor and Diced Pears with Vanilla & Spice.

Del Monte Apple & Pears Caramel flavor

Del Monte fruit cups| Apples| Pears| Smart Snack| Walmart


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When I’m hungry but too busy to eat I tend to grab a sugary snack like a Snickers bar or a cup of coffee with lots of high calorie flavored creamer.

Choosing these high sugar snacks hurt my exercise results and don’t provide the nutrients or real energy I need.  That’s why I’m so glad to have the Del Monte fruit cups as a better option. They help me feel prepared just in case I have to postpone lunch or just need a snack.

The Del Monte fruit cups provide me with a healthy snack alternative to the 280 calorie Snickers bar I’d normally choose.

Del Monte fruit cups | Walmart | Apples| Pears| Healthy Snack

The Del Monte fruit cups are only 60 calories per serving, gluten free and does not include high fructose corn syrup. Not only that, they also have 17 grams less sugar than the Snicker bar and taste still tastes great.

The Del Monte fruit cups only a few ingredients and not alot of stuff my body doesn’t need.

Del Monte | Walmart | Apples| Pears| Healthy Snack

The Snicker bar on the other hand has a lot of ingredients that don’t add much nutritional value. Basically, I’m getting by on sugar and calories.

Del Monte | Walmart | Apples| Pears| Healthy Snack

The Del Monte fruit cups are hands down, a better choice health wise, and the Del Monte fruit cups are cheaper per serving. At Walmart, you can find one four pack pack for $2.28 making them only $0.57 per fruit cup.

Plus, with this $1 off 2 Del Monte Fruit Cups coupon a 4-pack is just $0.45 per cup. That’s $0.23 cheaper than a Snicker bar and much healthier.

The Del Monte fruit cups are convenient for my sometimes busy life and they taste great. When my brother and I were too busy for lunch this afternoon we grabbed a Del Monte fruit cup.

Del Monte| Apple| Pears| Smart Snack

The vanilla flavored fruit cups were very good and actually surprised me a bit. The fruit itself was great and the caramel flavor gave it a little touch of extra sweetness.

In the midst of making Thanksgiving dinner this week one thing I won’t stress about is what to snack on.


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7 thoughts on “Del Monte Fruit Cups | the #SmartSnack for Busy Moms

  1. I have to work on prepping my food more and having healthier things on hand. I was a fan of the Del Monte mandarin oranges. I’ll have to give these ones a try.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Same here. I get lazy sometimes and don’t plan snacks and lunch and it throws off my whole day. I like when I k is what’s available for me to eat in advance. Easy prep snacks and meals are the best.


  2. I am totally tempted by the Snickers and flavored coffee, but putting them side by side makes me see how clearly the fruit cups are the better option.


  3. Fruit cups are a great option for snacks. I like to give them to my kids as after school snacks to munch on.


  4. Kimberly Weathersby says:

    Great article. This has been my focus today. I snack a lot but have been choosing the wrong snacks. I will add the Del Monte snack cups to my list.


  5. You’re brother has this look on his face, like really, you’re really taking a picture 🙂 Might have to check out their fruit cups!


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