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Pampering Spa Time Kits | #NIVEAMoments


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This week I had a chance to pamper a few special people in my life.

The holidays are coming up and most of the women I know will dive head first into decorating our homes, planning holiday menus and shopping for gifts.

I’ve already pulled up the carpet on my stairs, painted the exposed stairs and walls then started pulling out my Fall decorations. By the end of the week I wanted to head to the local beauty school for a discounted manicure and pedicure. I called up several of my friends but we couldn’t all coordinate our schedules.

I ended up meeting one of my girlfriends at the spa and delivering spa packages to the other girls.

I picked up several things for the spa packages at Sam’s Club. The idea was to include items that would allow us to create a pampering spa experience at home.

Here’s what went into the bags:

1. NIVEA lotion

2. NIVEA lip balm

3. Cozy slipper Socks

4. Shampoo and Conditioner

5. Perfume

6. Chocolate Candy

7. Scented candle

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My first spa pampering kit recipient was excited to see what was in her bag. I wanted to get the ladies thinking about planning at home spa time for themselves.

Part of creating a great spa experience at home is by selecting quality products. Everyone loved the feel of the NIVEA lotions and couldn’t wait to use all of their products.

Each recipient received a hand massage using the NIVEA lotion.

My husband even wanted to get involved in the pampering. He suffers from dry skin during the winter so I gave him a quick hand massage using NIVEA lotion.

If you want to see more pictures of the items that went into the spa kits check out my album.

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4 thoughts on “Pampering Spa Time Kits | #NIVEAMoments

  1. I love the socks. I can’t wait until we have our party this weekend.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    The socks are great. I have my pair on now and they are soft and warm. They’re a great alternative to slippers.


  2. What a fun way to treat your girlfriends!!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    My husband enjoyed the fun more than anyone. He’s never gone to a spa and sorta interjected himself into the fun. I’ve been telling him for years how fun it is to pamper yourself.


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