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How to avoid getting the not so perfect gift #iHartHolidays

How to Avoid Getting the Not-So Perfect Gift

How to Avoid Getting the Not-So Perfect Gift

A few days ago I was talking with a friend about the perfect gift.

I was telling her about how my ways have rubbed off onto my kids. If you ask them what they want for birthdays or Christmas, they’ll tell you one thing.


Money is the perfect gift. Money prevents ending up with a gift you don’t like and probably won’t use like the sweater above.

I love my Mother-in-Law who gave it to me, but I don’t love the sweater. It makes me feel frumpy, old and it’s not my style.

If that sweater had been money, I could have bought a sweater I liked and would have enjoyed wearing. Instead I keep a sweater that I don’t like in order not to be an ungrateful gift recipient.

My husband has tried for years to get me to change my mind about wanting money as a gift but I was having none of it. He thinks money is not a good gift. He says it’s so impersonal and thoughtless.

I say read the latter part of Ecclesiastes 10:19.

Money is full of thought and I’ll take it (or a gift card) over a gift I’ll never use any day.

I remind of my philosophy every time he gets a gift he will never use. 😀

What’s your idea of a perfect gift? Do you keep and use a gift you don’t like?

Watch this holiday video created by VerizonWireless and comedian Kevin Hart on how people react when they receive undesirable gifts.

The Perfect Gift

What’s your idea of the perfect gift? What do you do when you get a gift you don’t like?


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7 thoughts on “How to avoid getting the not so perfect gift #iHartHolidays

  1. When I get something I don’t like, I used to “guilt” myself into using it anyway, but if I’m
    not careful, I find myself using it out of a sense of duty or obligation, and feeling resentful toward the giver. These days I save it and re-gift when at all posible.


  2. My Husband says the same thing. I always ask for gift cards to my favorite stores but he hates buying them.


  3. I agree with you Cash is a great gift. There is always a need for it, it is always the right size and the right season.


  4. LOL I love this!! I started giving gift cards and long time ago because I’m simply no good at picking out gifts! This video is hilarious!


  5. I like the way you think. The only challenge I would have with giving money as a gift is that I typically am not going to give too many people an expensive gift. Would they prefer a great sweater that I found on sale, or $12 in a Christmas card? LOL


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    Ha!!! When you gotta go cheap on the cash, give a $10 VISA gift card. It can be used anywhere. Lunch and Starbucks is under $10 at many places. I’m giving gift cards to everyone this year except for our children. I finally convinced my husband. We can never agree on what to buy people and we don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money.

    I’d take a sweater gift from you because we are close to the same age and you have style. 🙂


  6. Gifts should include some thought. So that means the person has thought about me and my personality As long as I can tell the person has thought about me and didn’t just pick up a random item under $10 I am happy. And if I can’t use it, I can give it to someone it would be a better use for.


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