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17 Ways to Romance Your Husband

17 Ways to Romance Your Husband

If you’re married and lacking in the romance department, you’re not alone.

If you’re married and not lacking, consider yourself lucky.  If you’re single, take notes and once you’re hitched..Romance your man.

I’ve been married for almost 7 years and things were getting boring in the romance department.  I kept praying for my husband to romance me, but then I got the idea, “Why can’t I romance him?”

Give him sweet things to think about while he’s away at work!

Here are 17 ways to romance your husband.

  1.  Regard him as important, and let him know it.
  2. Be interested in his friends and let him have a night out with them.
  3. Focus on the positive that he’s doing, and DON’T NAG!
  4. Make a special date night once or twice a month and go all out. (Make sure to plan all of it so that he can just enjoy being with you.)
  5. Be creative and express your respect, love and affection towards him.
  6. Brag about him to others, especially when he’s not around. (Let others know how much you love him).
  7. Make it a point when he gets home from work to kiss him and ask how his day went.
  8. Give him a free day to do whatever he chooses.
  9. Give him a pedicure and massage. (Pamper him).
  10. Serve him breakfast in bed.
  11. Buy him a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant and hide it in his wallet for him to find.
  12. Find a babysitter or put the kids to bed early, dust off that sexy outfit, do your hair & makeup…and strut your stuff!
  13. Write him a love letter.
  14. Burn him a romantic cd that he can listen to on his way to work.
  15. Take a shower together.
  16. Tell him WHY & WHAT  you love about him.
  17. Recreate your first encounter or date.


I think the most important concept here is to HAVE FUN! Enjoy each other!



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