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FREE One Month Supply of Bathroom Tissue | Test Panel

Free One Month Supply of Bathroom Tissue

Could you use a FREE one-month supply of bathroom tissue?

If so, you’ll want to hurry over here and see if you qualify for this product testing panel.

Bathroom Tissue Panel 078-43-27

If you are selected you’ll get a one month supply of bathroom tissue sent to your home along with a short poll.

After using the test product for one month they will call you for feedback about your experience.

To become a participant first you’ll need to CLICK HERE to register and become a member of Mindfield.

The registration should be no more than one page.

I always suggest having a dedicated email address specifically for market research panels and survey company registration.

You won’t get spammed by any of the companies I recommend however, they will send you lots of compensated survey invites.

After you register you’ll want to check your email inbox for a registration confirmation. Be sure to check the spam folder.

This particular panel is scheduled to run every month this year so if you are not selected this month be on the lookout for an emailed invite next month!!

Mindfield also needs product testers to give feedback on anti-perspirant, snacks, diapers, and laundry products this year so be on the lookout for invites to those panels.


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3 thoughts on “FREE One Month Supply of Bathroom Tissue | Test Panel

  1. Mary Ditzel says:

    The Offer You’re Looking For Has Reached It’s Limit
    Or Is No Longer Available At This Time


  2. I just registered but I don’t see where to sign up for this opportunity. How do we actually sign up for this one? Thank you!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Hi Tracy,

    This is a location and age based opportunity. The offer does not tell me what state or age bracket they are recruiting from but if you are a fit based on your profile you will get an email asking you to pre-qualify for the opportunity.


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