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How to make Financial Decisions Together

BIblical decsionmakingSometimes in marriage we like to do our own thing and do it our way. Right? But God’s design of marriage is set up with a structure and a way to do things in a proper way.

When it comes to finances, (this is always a big topic in any marriage) one is usually a spender and one is usually a saver. I believe God gives us balance in our life. This is one of the ways He helps us out, by giving us a spouse with a different perspective than ours. Remember your husband is the head of your home and God is the ultimate authority when it comes to decision making.

Here are a few things to consider when making financial decisions:

Remember that God owns everything. We own nothing; everything we have is because God is allowing us to be stewards of it.

  • Am I giving faithfully my tithes & offerings?
  • Does it fit in your budget?
  • Did you pray about it together?
  • Is it something that both you and your spouse are in agreement?
  • Is this something that is needed or is it a “want”?
  • Wait a few days and see if God changes your desires; or see if God will provide it for you.
  • Are we being content with the things we already have?
  • Ask God for wisdom and guidance


Being in harmony is the ultimate goal when making decisions. Remember some things aren’t worth fighting over. In some cases that means being submissive to our husbands and their leading. Trusting that God has placed him over you and trusting in his leading.

We want to honor God in our entire decision making and that starts by making God a part of the whole decision process from the beginning.

Psalms 37:5 “Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.”

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

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7 thoughts on “How to make Financial Decisions Together

  1. Jacy Laine says:

    Creating a weekly budget is something that I feel is so important for our finances. It helps us to know that bills will be paid in full and that every dollar is accounted for. My husband prefers to leave all of this up to me. I do my best to sit down with him each week so he knows where we stand and how our money is disbursed for spending. I would like for this to become something that we both work at, and I’m constantly praying over it, but he doesn’t seem to be very interested. He just wants me to tell him what he can spend each week and not have to worry about anything more. I am glad that he trusts in me with our finances, however, I feel that it is so important for the both of us to be 100% engaged. Any suggestions on how I can gingerly involve him in a way that will make it positive and stress free?


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Jacy Laine, Your husband is involved from what I see of your comment. He’s just not involved the way you think he should be. I am the same way with my husband. I want to share with him all the details of how I manage our finances but he does desire to know. My husband is a bottom line kind a leader. He needs to know if theirs a problem or if things are running well. He doesn’t like all the details I’d love to share. He was not create to think like I do and I’ve stopped trying to make him. I’ve accepted his role in the management of our finances. Right now he handles the bills and I handle savings and spending. I created a simple and a detailed budgeting sheet. He uses the simple sheets. When it comes time to make a purchase he’ll ask me if we have the money for it. He doesn’t want to know about the many mini accounts I have designated to each expense nor does he want to have weekly finance meeting other than to hear yes we are on track or no we are off track. When we try to change a person to make them become who we want them to be we are imposing our will on them. Even if we mean well time would be better spend asking God to help us understand our spouses and understanding how we can work together just as we are at this very moment. Who knows? In the future your husband may begin to do things like you want. If you are feeling burden with the responsibility of the finances that’s a different story and you should let him know. However, if you manage the money well and he trusts you cherish his trust, manage the money so that he can focus on providing, leading the family, etc. Does this make sense?


    Jacy Reply:

    Yes! Thank you so very much. This is very helpful.
    @The Proverbs Wife,


  2. This can be a problem and it is in so many marriages. Usually in the relationship there is the one who is the spender and one is the saver. It’s learning to be content and learning how to do things the Lord’s way. If your spouse is not…pray for them. There are also many websites available in finances like http://www.crown.org many resources on there that are free. Also going to a Biblical financial seminar is also great to do as a couple. It helps to get both of you on the same page. Hope that helps and sorry for the delay in responding! Blessings to you!


  3. Rona, that is great to hear! Keep praying for your husband. The Lord will answer prayers!


  4. I totally love this question, “Are we being content with the things we already have”?
    I’ve finally reached that point in my life of contentment. My husband is still working on it.


  5. What about in cases that one spouse has to make the financial decisions because the other spouse makes foolish financial decisions, like putting their wants before the family needs?


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