(EXPIRED) FREE Instant $25 from Capital One 360: Ends 3/30!


Yesterday I signed up for a Capital One 360 kids savings account, for my son to receive a FREE $25. I regularly complete bank deals because;

1. It’s FREE money.

2. Saving money is a priority.

If you’re not familiar with bank deals/bonuses let me get you caught up.

Bank deals are when you receive a cash or material award for becoming a member with a particular bank. After you receive your incentive it will be your choice of whether you want to continue banking with them or not.

Bank deals are another great way that I use to supplement my income, along with taking surveys.

Some bank deals are as easy as opening an account and you typically receive $25. Others require a few extra steps such as signing up and making 5 check card purchases, in order to receive larger incentives.

Today I will explain to you how to get an easy FREE $25 Instantatly with Capital One 360 kids savings account by just signing up.

No Gatcha’s! and No strings attached!

How to Get Your Instant FREE $25!!

1. First click here

 2. Next, the Capital One page will open up and show you the following 4 account types.

3. Now, click on the Kids Savings Account and and a new page will open.

4. Then, select “I’m new to Capital One 360”.

5. Finally fill in your information.

One of the pages will ask about funding your new account you can fund it with as little as $0.01 and your account will still be credited.

After completing all necessary information log back into your new account and you should see your $25 in your account. You will not be able to withdraw your money for at least 10 days so keep this in mind. You are now done and have earned yourself a FREE $25!


I would love to hear back from you all, especially those of you who have never completed a bank deal. Leave your comments below.

  1. *Was the sign up process easy?
  2. *Did you receive your bonus?
  3. *If I shared another bank deal with you all would you be more willing to participate?

Answer one of the questions above or just share your experience in your own words.

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