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Top 3 Tips for Gardening on a Budget


It’s officially time to get in the garden here in the South.

If you can’t tolerate gardening in ninety degree or higher temps and you live in the South, you only have a small window of time left before the temps go bizerk.


I have been kicking butt in my garden this year just because we have so many major landscaping project this year.

I am excited about our plans but I am equally excited that I finally know enough about gardening to claim the elusive “green thumb”.


We’ve been in this house ten years so it only took me 10 Summers to get my act together.

What do you expect?

I was born and raised in New York City and I knew absolutely nothing about gardening.

Now…I not only know more, but have several tips that will help you garden on a tight budget.

In addition to giving you some great gardening tips, I’ll also share some pictures of my garden with you as you read along.


3 Tips for Gardening on a Budget

1. Shop your local Dollar Tree.

You’ll be surprised by how many great Dollar Tree deals your can find on gardening supplies.

You’ll save money by buying flower bulbs, garden gloves, planters and garden accessories here.


The only things I wouldn’t buy from the Dollar Tree is potting soil and heavy duty gardening tools.

For those items it just makes sense to invest higher quality products or else you’ll end up spending more money replacing them.


2. Buy plant bulbs versus germinated plants.

Bulbs and seed are much cheaper per plant when bought pre germination. If you have the time, space and a little bit of patience this is your best bet for saving money in your flower and vegetable garden.


In fact I always start my vegetable garden from seed because it’s too cost effective not too.

To me, this is the funnest way to plant and easiest way to learn without losing a lot of money by killing more expensive versions of your desired plant. For instance, a 2.5 quart Asiatic Lily can cost anywhere between $7 and $9 for two plants.

Purchased as a bulb you can get 7-12 plants for that price.


3. Make your own compost bin and compost.

This is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to obtain compost. All you need are a few items you probably already have around your house and kitchen scraps.


It literally takes 30 minutes to make a compost bin and Starbucks will even provide some material for you FREE of charge.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and are ready to get started creating your budget friendly garden.

For more pictures keep scrolling and for more gardening ideas read Green Thumb Gardening Tips.











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To see more images from my garden be sure to follow my “gardening” board on Pinterest.

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3 thoughts on “Top 3 Tips for Gardening on a Budget

  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. I planted everything in my yard. Things have a little more tropical flare. I appreciate the tips.


  2. I started my garden from seeds with my kids and I am looking forward to moving things outside. Thanks for some good tips.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Janeane Davis, I love starting seeds with kids. I plan to pull mine out this weekend and start my basil.


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