5 Tips for Healthy Feet & OOFOS Shoe #Giveaway!!



With Spring here and Summer fast approaching, we need to discuss an important topic….our FEET.  Did you know that your feet are the least important body part you think about? 


If you’re like the vast majority of us, you are consumed with your daily schedule.  It’s hard to focus on your feet. 

But your two little tootsies are pretty important.  Your feet absorb your full body weight and keep you supported throughout the day.  They are made up of 26 bones a complex framework of muscles, tendons and ligaments. 

They need love too!  I started having problems with my feet when I had to wear heels to work on a daily basis.  Man, those beautiful shoes tore my feet up. 

Whenever I stepped out of the heels, I easily grabbed my flip flops… and of course wondered why my feet hurt so bad.  I learned the importance of good healthy foot care and wearing shoes that support your feet. 

Some common problems people encounter are:

  1. Foot odor

  2. Cracked skin

  3. Aching arches or fallen arches

  4. Ingrown toenails (ouch!)

  5. Athlete’s foot

That’s enough to sending someone packing there. We probably all deal with 1 or 2 of the above. 


Here is 5 things you can do to take care of your feet.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes

  2. Take a walk (exercise those feet)

  3. Wash your feet daily (they are trapped in shoes all day.. think sweat & moisture)

  4. Moisturize (cocoa butter is the best)

  5. Wear socks (they protect your feet and absorb moisture)

Now we touched on foot hygiene, let’s talk about some comfy shoes!  I was selected to give a product review on OOFOS

I was very skeptical on reviewing these because quite frankly I have wide feet and shoe shopping is not pleasant for me.  

Here is a picture of the shoes I chose.


I chose these because I need new flip flops to wear.  Normally, I wear a size 8 1/2 but decided to go with a 9 because usually an 8 is too small.  These were a little big for me.  They fit my friend perfectly.


We both agreed these felt like heaven on our feet! They have cushion in all the right places.  Granted, my left foot hurt at the end of the day, but that was because of the way I landed.

Overall, these were the best flip flops I have found in a long time!!  As you can see above, they have a lot of cushion. Everyone complimented me on them as well.

OOFOS come in  3 styles and 3 colors to chose from. Here’s an image of the ones Saidah  and her husband chose.



Now we don’t want you to just take our word for it. We want you to have a pair of OOFOS yourself.

Thanks to OOFOS  (1)  A Proverbs Wife reader will win a pair of their choice!

Each giveaway winner will receive a pair of OOFOS worth up to $49.95 in value.


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