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Seeing the Good in Your Husband

Seeing the Good in Our Husbands


Do you remember a time before you were married your husband could almost walk on water? Sweep you off your feet? Maybe whisper sweet nothings in your ear? Do things to make you smile ear to ear? He was just the best thing ever!!

Then….you got married and things continued on this blissful journey for a period of time, but before you knew it unhappiness crept in.

You started seeing the “not so good” things, like leaving his clothes on the floor, the way he snored, leaving his dirty dishes on the counter, maybe the way he talked, seeing the things he DIDN’T do, etc.

If we are honest we all fall into this at some point of our marriage. The “newness” wears off and routine sets in. Instead of seeing the good, we start looking at all the negative things. We start nagging, complaining, and pointing out all the faults, failures, and disappointments in our husbands. If we are not careful, we lose sight of all the “good” our husbands do.

Let’s look at some ways we can change our thoughts and start seeing the good in our husbands:

  • Remember times when you were dating & remember what made you attracted to him.

  • Make a list of five things your husband does in a week for you and the family.

  • Each day purposely look for things that he DOES do & then praise him for it!

  • Pray for him daily.

  • Ask God to help YOU see the good in your husband & not to be critical.

  • Be forgiving & extend grace when he does fail you.

When you find yourself in your marriage getting to the point of being critical and always pointing out the bad, let that be a reminder that our hearts need to be changed. We need to be wives that realize our husbands need to hear our praise. They need to hear our words of thanks. They need us to be their cheerleader and source of encouragement. It is wise for us to do these things; it keeps our relationships healthy and strong. Let’s cultivate a heart of gratitude for what our husbands do. Let’s be forgiving when they do mess up (because remember we aren’t perfect either!)

Let’s start seeing the good in the one we said “I do” to.


Jennifer has been married to her high school sweet heart for 17 years and God has blessed them with 7 wonderful children to raise for Him.

Jennifer is a Pastor’s wife and has been in full-time ministry for the past 11 + years.  She lives in a small town community in Milford, DE and loves spending time with family, being outdoors, reading, and shopping at thrift stores.

When she is not homeschooling during the day,  she’s busy trying to save money, keep the house organized and teach her children to have a closer walk with the Lord.

Jennifer’s Blog: A Heart for Home

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  1. It’s so important to continue to remember why you fell in love with him in the first place.


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