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Coach Factory Outlet Sale: Here’s Your Invite | Up to 80% off!!


One of my goals as a wife is to look my best for my husband which is what inspired my starting the Frumpy2Fab challenge several years ago.

Germaine likes to buy me nice things which often equals expensive things. He believes you get what you pay for in terms of quality and I agree.

We are a frugal family, but we both like to spoil one another from time to time. In 2011 after paying off all of our consumer debt he decided to save up and get me a Coach bag.

We visited the store and I was totally against the purchase.

I believed in rewarding ourselves for all the hard work, but hundreds of dollars for a purse?

No way!!

It felt selfish.

Soon after, a friend of mine mentioned she’d just bought 3 Coach bags for $300 and I said, “WHAT?”

She gladly shared all the details about the private Coach sales. I checked out the site and learned I could save as much as 80% off authentic Coach products sold by Coach.

These were not knock offs!!


Coach has online factory outlet sales where you can get purses up to 80% off and are by invite only.

I will share an invite with anyone who wants one. Just leave your email in the comments OR email it to me at aproverbswife@gmail.com and type COACH in the subject line and I will send you an invite so you can have pretty purses too at a fraction of the cost!

They have the online sales randomly and you will receive an email notice the day before they start.

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33 thoughts on “Coach Factory Outlet Sale: Here’s Your Invite | Up to 80% off!!

  1. Yes please! That sounds like a wonderful way to buy gifts for the girls in my life! 🙂


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Amber, Okay. I have you on the invite list.


  2. Please send me the Coach link, too! I’ve been on the Coach website for a few years and I have never been able to bring myself to pay that much for a purse.

    Thank you for working diligently on the website and Facebook…you have helped inspire me to be more like the Godly wife and mother I was meant to be.




    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Teresa, I just emailed you. The retail prices are CRAZY for regular folks who budget. The prices in the private sales are much more affordable and makes saving up for one a reality.


    Teresa Reply:


    Hi! I’m afraid the email hasn’t arrived…I checked my spam folder, too, just in case. If it isn’t too much trouble, could you send it again at your convenience? Thanks so much!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Hi Teresa. I submitted your email. If I remember correctly I think it takes a couple of days if not weeks before you get an invite to the first sale. I think it took about two weeks then I saw an email from Coach inviting me to one of their online sales. You are definitely on the the list.


  3. Please e-mail me the coach link. I watch/follow you on Facebook daily and love your posts. This will be my last week of employment but after the initial shock wore off I think that is what God wants me to do. Stay at home with my 11 year old son for a while and bet a better wife/mother/child of God. Keep up the good work and continue to post good ideas for us stay at home moms to make money. We have a Facebook page if you would like to see some of our work- Sublette’s Custom Metalworks. Let me know what you think and if you can think of anything that would be good metal art to sell.

    Thanks again,

    Danette Sublette


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Danette, Emailed.


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