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Wrap Dress


It’s that time again!! Here’s a round up of my latest Frumpy 2 Fab looks.

I post these pictures not because I’m vain but because I need to keep myself accountable for looking my best for myself, Germaine and the kids.


Earlier this week the weather was cool and I was able to pull out a sweater. Can you believe that? A sweater in South Carolina during Spring is unheard of.

I wore a brown New York and Company sweater and pants along with Calvin Klein gladiator sandals a black top and purse.

Summer Dresses for Women Over 30

 As you can tell, the weather had warmed up and I was able to finally wear this olive green Banana Republic dress.

I like it because it can be worn as a long sleeve or short sleeve. It has a cinched waist so I put on a studded belt. The sandals again are the Calvin Klein gladiators.


In this photo I have on one of my favorite end of the winter purchases.

The pink top was $5 at Ann Taylor Loft, the Arizona brand skinny jeans were $10 at JCPenney and the moccasins $7 at TJMaxx.

Now this fab dress is one of my new favorites.

wrap dress

As you can see I can wear it with either purse but when I asked you all on Facebook, you said the green purse looked the best.

Mother's Day

I don’t want to forget about the face and hair. I have been faithfully doing my hair in a twist out or Bantu knot out. I have also been faithful in the makeup department.

Even if it’s just some gloss on my lips, I make sure to pay some attention to the details of my face.

In the photo above I’m wearing gloss and no eye makeup. However in the one below I’m wearing eye makeup but no gloss. For me this challenge is not about all or nothing.


 It’s about the little steps I take to looking my best each day.


Finally before I move on to show you my beautiful babies I ended my week with a classic black and white look.

I ended up wearing a cardigan over my top since it was chilly. Since I work out four days a week, I truly have to force myself not to sit around all day in my workout clothes no matter how cute I think they are. 😀


Now onto the best part of this post. We had several events to attend this week so the kids were looking their best as well.


For the most part I let them dress themselves and Niyah and Juwan do a great job. Juwan is into wearing his socks pulled all the way up because that’s how his daddy wears them.

They are certainly not afraid to be different. 🙂


 I can’t get enough of taking pictures of this little girl. She loves the camera and has the cutest poses. She makes me laugh all of the time with her vibrant personality.



She does a great job of picking out her clothes and is so helpful.



I think her nephew gets a kick out of her personality too!!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your good looks and for showing that we can look wonderful without spending a fortune.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Janeane, Thanks Janeane. I guess my comment box is user friendly. LOL 😀


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